Achieve more with Enjo

As an ENJOpreneur, you work independently with the support of our committed team. All the way we’re here for you and will assist you. On your way to becoming self-employed, we will also assist you with monthly meetings, free ENJO training and exchange opportunities with other ENJOpreneurs.

Provides an easy balance of work and family life

Flexible to work the hours that fit with your lifestyle

Great earnings, bonuses and up to 35% commission!

Meet new and interesting people

Unfold your future...

What does an ENJOpreneur do?

  • Hold a personal appointment tailored to the Customer's needs. Whether they want to take it one room at a time or convert the whole house in one go, you've got it covered.
  • Demonstrate ENJO to a number of guests and outline the ENJO benefits, in the comfort of their own home. There are generous Host Rewards and Specials on offer - and no limits to the commission you can earn!
  • Earn while you sleep: Our online shop is open 24/7 and is ideal for repeat Customers. If your Customers place an order online, you'll receive the commission.

Take the first step...

Become an ENJOpreneur, in just 3 easy steps…

  • Complete your training. Your professional training is personalised specifically to you. Held with your Business Manager, you will be given taught the key skills to achieve your goals.
  • Be in the profit zone in the first 4 weeks! Start your business with 6-10 Group Demos and you are away and flying. With an average Demo turnover of $1,200 and great commission rates, your paydays are looking fabulous! 
  • Ongoing guidance and training. Once qualified, we have an in-house Head Office team to help support you in your ENJO journey. You will also have complete access to regular seminars, webinars, meetings and training sessions, aimed at helping you get the most out of your ENJO Business.

Want to get going as an ENJOpreneur right away?

You can look forward to new challenges and a great team!

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My life as an ENJOpreneur

Jayne King of Australia talks about how she discovered ENJO and what her daily life is like.