Cleanliness doesn’t need chemicals

We believe that cleaning has nothing at all to do with chemistry. For more than 30 years, ENJO has proven this: day after day, all over the world, with its innovative ENJOtex fibres, comprehensive product range and just a little cold water. This protects our environment and personal health – not to mention our wallets. Follow the ENJO way with us. It’s worth it.

Our Mission

ENJO believe in putting healthy living first, and look to challenge the conventional and shine a light on sustainable living with a range of safe and effective fibre cleaning products that need absolutely no chemicals.

Developed in Austria in 1985, ENJO is committed to quality, 100% Austrian made, we don’t out-source the production of our products, meaning we have the utmost confidence in the quality and effectiveness.

Produced in Austria. Made for the World.


Our ENJO story begins in the spring of 1985. The innovative entrepreneur Friedrich Engl observed the devastating effects of an oil spill at Lake Constance and wanted to find an alternative way to clean up the oil that didn’t involve aggressive and destructive cleaning agents.

Years of experience in the textile industry allowed Friedrich Engl to design a pioneering technical solution to cleaning without chemicals. He developed a unique range of fibres that lift and trap dirt and bacteria within the weave, effectively cleaning up…without the chemicals.

The Next Generation…

Friedrich’s son Johannes Engl is where innovation meets entrepreneurial spirit. Johannes presented his father’s invention to the food industry, and following glowing results Johannes Engl founded the ENJO manufacturing company and in 1991 the direct selling model.

ENJO is now available in more than 26 countries worldwide, with more than 2,000 ENJOpreneurs helping make their homes and communities chemical-free!

Award winning technology

We are the proud owners of a whole range of awards and certificates. We pride ourselves on being the leading company in fibre technology, and as such – top of our game. Here are just a handle of the awards we have recently received.