Your Benefits With Enjo

We're six times more hygienic!

Yes, you read that right: ENJO cleans six times more hygienically than conventional methods.

In 2011 and 2016, ENJO’s fibre products were tested with a Lumitester by Hans Hirschmann, the hygiene expert affiliated to the hospitals in the state of Vorarlberg. This testing confirmed that the ENJO cleaning system is six times more hygienic than conventional cleaning methods.

“Even deep-seated soiling can be removed very well with these fibres and water. We have to be conscious of the fact that all cleaning agents result in environmental damage. If we only clean with fibres and water, this has a direct impact on our health.”
Hans Hirschmann, hygiene expert, Vorarlberg hospitals, Austria

The new luxury? Time.

We’re sure you’ll agree that your time is precious, and the less time you spend cleaning, the more time remains for more enjoyable things. So here’s the solution:

The ENJO method allows you to clean your home in half the time. And all you need is water.

Take things more easily and enjoy a healthier life with ENJO: Become Purely ENJO and halve the time you spend cleaning.

More money for the finer things in life

You will save at least 25 bottles of cleaning agent a year if you make your Purely ENJO home! The high-quality ENJO fibres last for up to three years and eliminate not only having to handle harmful cleaning agents, but also a great deal of packaging waste!

Honestly, this doesn’t just feel good – it also makes your home more of the oasis of well-being that you always wanted to live in.

Purely ENJO = pure environmental protection

Cleaning with ENJO means

  • Eliminating 90% of the cleaning agents used in the home
  • Less waste: ENJO last for approximately three years
  • Protection of our groundwater
  • No animal testing

Want to do yourself some good?

Here at ENJO, we will help create a happy, healthy home for you and your Family!

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