Enjo New Zealand

Our Story

New Zealand ENJO Directors Ines Brandle and Nick Porter were introduced to the ENJO Fibres and Products by Johannes Engl in Austria, back in the year 2000. After seeing the potential of the products and also the positive impact they would make to the health of their family and on the environment, the couple set up ENJO in New Zealand in 2001.

The vision was simple. To alert every New Zealander to the fact that there is an alternative to traditional cleaning methods, using chemicals and detergents.

Nick and Ines realised that when just one household changes over to ENJO cleaning, a huge impact is made on the lives of each person in that home. ENJO protects them from harmful chemicals, keeping their home safer, and creating a better lifestyle!

Our Passion


ENJO is different. It is 100% chemical-free and is 6 times* cleaner than other standard household multipurpose cleaners!

We’re passionate about ENJO because we believe ‘green is good’. We also believe in stepping up and taking a stand to facilitate change in our communities, for our planet. It could be as small as getting just one family to convert a zone in their home or as big as a whole community removing every chemical in their household and converting their whole street. All our small steps together will, sure enough, add up to one mighty change!

Leaders in chemical-free cleaning

We are the leading company in chemical-free, fibre cleaning technology. As such, we are pleased to be proud owners of a whole range of awards, accreditations, and certificates. Here are just a handful of the awards we have received, here at ENJO New Zealand.