Shopping at Enjo

Buy online, or through our personalised service with your ENJOpreneur. It really is that easy!

Host a Group Demo

It’s ever so easy and it’s fun too. You invite a small circle of friends or neighbours round and your ENJOpreneur showcases the ENJO products in your home.

  • FRIENDS: Invite whomever you like to your ENJO Experience. If you’re catching up with friends, why not organise for your local ENJOpreneur to pop around too.
  • FLEXIBLE: Organise an ENJO Demo to suit you and your schedule, simply discuss when works best for you with your local ENJOpreneur.
  • LEARN: The ENJO Experience is all about learning how ENJO products work, and how they offer a healthier way of living.
  • SHARE: Let your friends and family in on a great way to clean your home safely while saving time and money.
  • NO PRESSURE: We’re all about sharing information about cleaning chemical-free and protecting the environment, there’s no pressure to purchase.
  • SUPPORT: Receive continued support from your personal ENJOpreneur throughout your ENJO journey

Your personal appointment

This is just for you. A one-on-one Demo where you can see, touch and discuss the specific products that fit best with both you and your lifestyle. The perfect, hassle-free way to figure out exactly what works for you, in your journey to convert your home and live chemical-free.


Nothing could be simpler! Here, we show you our practical sets that will help you keep your home wonderfully clean in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. Without cleaning agents, with little money and in half the time!

Be inspired by our products and contact your ENJOpreneur with any questions!