Synergy 2018 on the Indian Ocean


White sandy beaches, exotic wildlife and beautiful landscapes, and above all – the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean and the warm sea breeze. Our Synergy programme 2018 is prepared and will be a mix of relaxation, adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Here we give you a first glimpse at our excursions in Thailand and Malaysia.

Swimming and Relaxing at Koh Lipe, Thailand
The small island is situated in the Southern part of the Thai Andaman Sea. It is famous for it’s white beaches, crystal clear water and abundant marine life.

Langkawi Island Tour, Malaysia
Discover the legends and tales that surround beautiful Langkawi. Our excursion takes you to the rubber trees where you learn how latex is tapped. Afterwards you will explore the mangrove swamps aboard local boats, gaining an insight into this unique ecosystem and its wildlife, and getting the opportunity to watch sea eagles feeding. The excursion continues with a drive through the countryside to reach a typical village, where you will stop for lunch. From here you will take a cable car and glide over the rain forest, past tropical trees and waterfalls until you reach the peak of Gungung Machinchang. The tour will also stop at Kuah town, the island’s capital, famed for its statue of a giant eagle.

The Ultimate Adventure Tour, Malaysia
The excursion starts from “Book village” which is built in the traditional Malay Kampung style and offers a good selection of local and international books for sale as well as some rare editions. You will be given a safety briefing by your guide and collect harnesses, helmets and other necessary equipment. The ultimate adventure tour starts with a jungle trek up 700 steps to reach the first challenge: crossing a river by means of a steel rope, followed by some abseiling. The next activity is a 6-8m tree climb and the thrill of taking a 60m zip line. It’s not over yet! Our adventurers now face a 6m ravine and will have to brave the notorious “Postman’s Walk” to get safely over to the other side. The expedition continues with 12-15 m abseiling, a 20m traverse climb and then another 30m abseiling down a sheer rock face. After a hike back through the jungle you will reach the safety of the car park at Book Village and be driven back to the ship for a well deserved rest. We’re willing to bet that you will remember the “Ultimate Adventure Tour” for a very long time to come.

Jungle Trekking and Kayaking, Malaysia
The trail will take you through Langkawi’s primeval rain forest, show casing a rich variety of flora and fauna on the way. Keep an eye open for all the different kinds
of monkey, birds, butterflies and rare plants. After the jungle trek, you will proceed by van to the Kilim River base, where you will be given a briefing about the kayak expedition through the mangrove. You will then take a boat out to a fish farm where the kayaks are based. Due to the dense vegetation, it is impossible to explore the mangrove in a large boat, but kayaks
can penetrate deep into the mangrove forest. You will get to see different species of land crabs, squirrels, monitor lizards, and if you are lucky some monkeys. The excursion ends at Kilim Jetty, where you will board the van to take you back to the cruise terminal where your ship awaits.

Diving and Swimming at Koh Kradan, Thailand
One of 47 islands in the Talay Trang archipelago, Koh Kradan is part of the Had Chao Mai National Park and home to its small beach headquarters. Limpid water and fine white sandy beaches on the west coast are in contrast to the rocky beaches on the east coast, and provide excellent opportunities for diving and swimming.