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Dear ENJO friends,

My father’s high-value invention, his brave decision to offer a new way of cleaning and his honest belief that this product is really unique, led me to establish the ENJO company in 1990. And it worked! People saw ENJO and were thrilled. After some time I needed support, and so I looked for and found exciting people who shared my vision. Over the years, colleagues became friends and one glove diversified into a whole range of products. All this happened more than 30 years ago. In the meantime we have grown together to become a large, worldwide family.

ENJO’s most important key components are still there:

ENJO’s most important key components are still there:

  • Our production in Vorarlberg (Austria). Located in my home country and a source of strength, abundant with nature, interesting people as well as a rich culture.
  • Our three core values honest, brave and high-value.
  • Our ENJOpreneurs who create ENJOpure Homes and offer the ENJOlife.

 I am looking forward to showing you the ENJO production in May, to introducing you to my committed colleagues and to taking you on a journey through the culture and nature of Vorarlberg.

 It will be wonderful to have you with me!

Johannes Engl
CEO & Founder ENJO International GmbH



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