Vorarlberg, ENJO's Home Country

Vorarlberg extends over an area of 2.601 km² in the westernmost part of Austria and is home to 396,700 Vorarlbergers who have settled in a total of 96 municipalities. Due to its unique location, which borders on Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany, ENJOs Home Place has become an ideal holiday destination for guests enjoying nature and day trips.

In summer, locals and tourists alike enjoy nature at Lake Constance or visit cultural highlights such as the Bregenz Festival. The world’s largest lake stage attracts more than 160,000 visitors every year who attend the spectacular play on the lake.

Many visitors also succumb to the magic of the impressive mountain landscape of Vorarlberg. On more than 500 managed Alpine huts guests find peace and absolute freedom – and if you are lucky, also a portion of “Vorarlberger Käsknöpfle (= traditional cheese noodles)”.

The snowy winter in the Alpine region is especially popular. Vorarlberg’s 42 ski areas open their lifts for around 21 weeks a year and provide impressive winter fun on a total of 928 kilometres of slopes.