Experience Vorarlberg on Thursday

For our "Experience Vorarlberg" afternoon you may choose between the following options. Each activity is approximately 3 hours. Register for one of the activities by Saturday, 01st of April 2023 (or earlier, depending on the head office) in your head office.

Please note

A minimum of 10 participants per tour is required. If less than 10 participants register for a tour, we will ask you to choose another tour. For the Archery and Rope Course, max. 30 participants can take part. If we have more registrations for these tours, we will contact you in advance to find a solution.


The interaction of body and mind is crucial in this type of sport. Archery requires concentration, calm breathing and smooth movements. And most of all: the impulse to let go at the right moment. After a practice session we will go to the archery course in the woods.

The walk in the wood course is approx. 2 hours. Please wear sport shoes.

Rope Course

Experience pure adventure in the rope course and get energized by the powerful nature of Vorarlberg. The rope course of Andelsbuch-Bersbuch is situated along a wild-romantic river and beautifully surrounded by mountains.

Please bring along climbing or cycling gloves and wear sport shoes.
rope course


When water turns to stone. The tufa formations in Lingenau are among the most impressive natural phenomena in Vorarlberg. On this picturesque hike, you can almost see stones being formed in real-time from water.

The hike is approx. 2 hours. Please wear sturdy footwear/sport shoes.

E-Bike Tour (easy tour)

The Bregenzerwald is one of the most preserved regions in Austria. We will take you on a journey past breathtaking landscapes and mountain scenery, traditional farms and modern architecture on this e-bike tour.

Please wear sport shoes. You will be provided with a helmet.