How to save money on skincare

Have you ever considered how much money you spend on cleaning your face and removing your make-up in a year? Whether you use a dedicated cleanser or eye make-up remover with cotton pads, or all-in-one face wipes, it all adds up. And don’t forget that bottle of toner you keep replenishing.

When you think about it, something as simple as cleaning your face can actually cost an eye-watering amount of money. And it’s not just the effect on your purse to consider – wipes have been in the news a lot recently for the dangers they cause to our environment once discarded.

Let’s take a closer look.


The cost of cleansing

Over three years, the average woman uses over 4,000 cotton pads to remove her make-up. Add toner to that (around 4 litres) and you’re looking at at a cost of £271 a year to clean your face, depending on the brand you choose to use. Is it time to rethink your skincare regime?

3 years worth of cotton pads can be replaced with an ENJO Eye Pad


How can I save money on skincare?

The good news is, these traditional cleansing items can easily be replaced with an ENJO Eye Pad, at a cost of £7 per pad. Most people choose to have 7 Eye Pads on rotation, so they have a fresh one each day, and they’re still making a saving of £222 per year. What would you do with that amount of money?!

The soft fibres of the Eye Pad, and the other items in the ENJO Skincare Zone, help to remove dead skin, dirt and oils to leave your skin at its natural pH balance. There’s no need for toners or wipes, and each Eye Pad will last you around 3 years. You don’t need to be a mathematician to understand that the ENJO Eye Pad will give you excellent savings over the next few years. And your skin will benefit from staying healthy and clean with no harsh chemicals.


How do I clean the ENJO Eye Pad?

To clean your ENJO Eye Pad, simply wash under the tap after use with some warm water and a little hand soap. This will release the dirt trapped by the fibres, leaving your Eye Pad clean and ready for next time. Every ENJO skincare product has been fully tested by Dermatest and has received a five-star premium rating.

To discover more about the ENJO Eye Pad, Skincare Zone or other ways to enjoy a chemical-free clean throughout your home, contact your local ENJOpreneur and book a personal appointment or group Demo today.




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