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ENJO Products

The ENJO head office in Austria – in the heart of Europe – is at the same time the manufacturing company of all ENJO products.

In our video we show you where our products are made.


Profession as an ENJOpreneur

No, enthusiasm for the ENJO product and the ENJO philosophy are the best condition for a good start. ENJO is dedicated to supporting and providing an environment for ENJOpreneurs to flourish.

Learn more about our philosophy.

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With ENJO you clean your home only with water – this means you need to get rid of old habits. That`s why ENJO is not available in a supermarket or via mail order. Instead, we show you personally how to clean fast and simple.

You can choose whether you want to get to know ENJO at a Group Demo with friends, or at a one-2-one demo.

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