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We offer a fast and efficient cleaning system that protects the environment. Cleanliness needs no chemicals. We believe that cleaning has nothing at all to do with chemistry. For more than 25 years, ENJO has proven this: day after day, all over the world, with its innovative ENJOtex fibres, comprehensive product range and just a little cold water. This protects our environment and personal health – not to mention our wallets. Follow the ENJO way with us. It’s worth it.

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As an ENJOpreneur, you work independently with the support of our committed team. We’re here for you and will assist you all the way. On your way to becoming self-employed, we will also assist you with monthly meetings, free ENJO training and exchange opportunities with other ENJOpreneurs.

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Your responsibilities:

  • You will show ENJO in Demos and give advice to your customers
  • You will assist your customers in making their homes ENJOpure
  • You will offer our customers optimum, sustainable service
  • You will share the ENJO idea with your customers

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Our products. Simply ingenious.

ENJO cleans with water only. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? This is modern, environmentally friendly technology trumping chemistry. The sophisticated ENJO fibres absorb the dirt and release them again when washed in hot water. It goes without saying that we have had this scientifically tested. But more importantly, ENJO has become a tried and tested product on the basis of more than 25 years of experience and countless satisfied households.

See for yourself. Because health is also freedom.

Shopping at ENJO. Pure joie de vivre with ENJOpure.

With ENJO, all you need to clean your home is water – this takes a bit of getting used to. Our products are therefore not sold in supermarkets or through mail order companies. We set great store by personal support and service. Your ENJOpreneur will show you personally how to clean quickly and easily with ENJO.

You decide how you get to know ENJO:

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