An independent testing institute tested the ENJO Floor Fibre and a conventional floor cleaning cloth for the presence of softeners. The test results show that the ENJO Floor Fibre does not contain any softeners (phthalates). Excessive amounts of softeners were found in the conventional floor cleaning cloth.

Softeners found in conventional floor cleaning cloth

The results of the comparative test show that the conventional floor cleaning cloth contains four times more softeners than the OEKO-TEX® limit for softeners in coated articles. In addition, the softener DEHP is above the limit set by the EU (REACH Regulation). No softeners were found in the ENJO Floor Fibre.


The German Federal Environment Agency points out that softeners can change the hormone system and thus have a detrimental effect on health. Some phthalates, for example, can impair male fertility. The member states of the European Union (EU), for example, classified the phthalates DEHP, DBP and BBP as toxic for reproduction. DEHP was found in the conventional floor cleaning cloth tested.
DINP was also detected, which according to the German Federal Environment Agency can cause liver toxicity.


ENJO works exclusively with selected raw materials and high-quality suppliers from the region.


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