Achieve more with Enjo

As an ENJOpreneur, you work independently with the support of our committed team. We’re here for you and will assist you all the way. On your way to becoming self-employed, we will also assist you with monthly meetings, free ENJO training and exchange opportunities with other ENJOpreneurs.

your own time

Full- or part-time

Great earnings

Become a
Team Leader

Fun while working? That’s what I want!

Your responsibilities:

  • You will show ENJO in Demos and give advice to your customers
  • You will assist your customers in making their homes ENJOpure
  • You will offer our customers optimum, sustainable service
  • You will share the ENJO idea with your customers

Want to get going as an ENJOpreneur right away?

You can look forward to new challenges and a great team!

Call us now: +43 (5576) 77 77 7

Become an ENJOpreneur in just three steps

It’s ever so easy.

  1. Free training scheme You will receive professional training and valuable character training to get you off to a successful start with ENJO.
  2. Your first Demos With our assistance, you will make your first Demos.
  3. Feedback talk You will receive your final training together with a feedback talk after approximately two months. You are now a qualified ENJOpreneur and will be presented with your certificate!

Self-employed but not all by yourself: we will, of course, continue to accompany you with personal support and great further training opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you

ENJO is recreated every day by its team. Do you want to join us on the team? If so, call us now.

We look forward to hearing from you: +43 (5576) 77 77 7

My life as an ENJOpreneur

Jayne King of Australia talks about how she discovered ENJO and what her daily life is like.