Clean deep into the pores with Enjo

The results of cleaning with ENJO are simply astounding: hygienic cleanliness deep into the pores in and around the home without the use of any cleaning agents.

Reaches into
the finest pores

Acts like a dirt magnet

Kind to surfaces

Traditional cleaning

Conventional cloths clean superficially, leaving dirt and chemical residue in the crevices of surfaces.

Cleaning with ENJO

ENJOtex fibres remove dirt and particles from all crevices. The dirt is trapped by the ENJO products until washed out of the fibre.

How does the ENJO fibre work?

The video demonstrates how our ENJOtex fibre cleans hygienically and deep into the pores.

Kitchen, windows or garage?

Are you tackling floors, tiles, the cooker or the bathroom fittings? We at ENJO have developed the right products specifically for your various requirements.

Your rooms and items are cleaned deep into the pores, hygienically and, above all, in a way that’s kind to the materials. For lasting cleanliness and a good Feeling.

You will love your ENJO products. And they will be with you for a long time.

Our products are manufactured in Vorarlberg, Austria. We offer top production quality standards and two years warranty against faulty workmanship. The patented ENJO Colour Indicator shows you when a product has lost its ability to clean.

ENJO care and application


  • Before first use, wash all ENJO fibres (except the Lint Glove).
  • Machine wash ENJO fibres at 40-60°C in a washing net (all ENJOfils and the dishcloth in one washing net and all others in a second washing net). For light soiling, the fibre can also be rinsed with warm water only and a drop of Real Soap if necessary.
  • Wash ENJO fibres with similar coloured textiles.
  • Never use fabric softener or bleach when washing ENJO fibres.
  • We recommend air-drying ENJO fibres.
  • Do not dry ENJO fibres on a radiator or in a tumble dryer, as the resulting heat could cause the fibre tips to stick together, rendering the fibre strands ineffective.
  • The fibres should always be kept clean and dry.



  • Roll up the wet fibre from top to bottom and press gently. Do not wring out lengthways!
  • When cleaning with ENJO fibres use a circular wiping motion without pressure.
  • There is a risk of abrasion with delicate materials. Therefore, you should test the cleaning effect of the ENJO fibre on an invisible spot beforehand.
  • We recommend folding cloths such as the ENJOfil 2 to 3 times across the middle. This results in 4 to 8 areas of cloth surface that you can use for wet or dry cleaning.
  • ENJO gloves are especially useful for cleaning large surface areas and will also protect your hands from injury due to sharp edges!
  • Do not use fibres on a hot surface (hot cooking plates, ceramic hobs or grill units). Let these surfaces cool first or rinse them with cold water.
  • Contact with sharp or rough surfaces may well result in tears to some delicate ENJO fibres, creating small holes. This does not affect the function of the products.



There are three simple ways to dampen your fibre.

  1. Dampen the fibre with water from the Spraybottle.
  2. Dampen the fibre with water from the Pumpbottle.
  3. Dampen one third of the fibre under the tap.

Here we show you how to dampen your fibre properly under the tap.

  1. Wet the top of the fibre.
  2. Roll water through evenly.
  3. Squeeze out any excess water.

Our care instructions

Use dry
Use damp – no need to dry afterwards
Use wet – dry afterwards
Optimum washing temperature 40-60°C
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not tumble-dry
No fabric softener
Do not dry clean
Colour Indicator = Service Life
Wash in the Laundry Bag


Do you still have questions regarding how the ENJO fibres work or how to look after them?

We’re happy to answer them. Send us a contact form or call us right now: + 43 (5576) 77 77 7

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