How to Add an Enjo Eye Pad to Your Makeup Collection

Did you know there’s more you can do with the ENJO Eye Pad besides take off your makeup?


The Eye Pad is not only your go-to makeup remover, it can also be a go-to in your makeup routine. We’ll be showing you a few unique ways to use your ENJO Eye Pad to really elevate your makeup game. Watch below!

Switch It Up

Wet your ENJO Eye Pad with a little cold water. Take your makeup brush and lightly start to swirl around on the fibres. This will remove any excess powders, liquids, creams or pomades from the bristles. This is handy to colour switch with any size eyeshadow brushes! Whether you’re playing around with new bold colours, or you just need that clean blend in the crease, the Eye Pad is sure to become a new BFF in your makeup bag.


Make It Like New

Lay out your falsies on an ENJO Eye Pad. Wet your second ENJO Eye Pad with a little cold water. Press the damp Eye Pad over the lashes to help lift excess glue and mascara. Gently swipe over the lashes to ensure all the extra bits are removed. With this quick trick, your falsies will look like new again!


Mask Off

Wet your ENJO Eye Pad with a little cold water. In circular motions, wash away the face mask. To clean your Eye Pad, simply use warm water and a little bit of soap – all the face mask bits will come right off, preparing you for its next use.





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