How Much Are We Spending On Our Skin?

Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on makeup wipes a year? How about that bottle of toner you keep replenishing? You also have to grab some cotton pads with that.

A trip to the drugstore to grab some of your old favourites quickly turns into a shopping spree when you see the dollar amount on the register. Why does something as simple as washing your face have to cost so much, you wonder.

The only positive factor to makeup wipes are convenience – but this comes at a price. You’re not just jeopardizing the health of your skin, you could also be burning a hole in your wallet.


Let’s take a closer look.

3 years worth of cotton pads can be replaced with an ENJO Eye Pad


In three years, the average woman uses over 4,000 cotton pads in the process of removing her makeup. With an average package of 40 cotton pads priced at $1.50, thats an extra $150 or more you’re spending. And that doesn’t include the toner that goes with it. Toner can come in at $10, $20 or maybe $30 depending on the brand you choose to use.

The average price of a package of makeup wipes is $7.97. With only 25 wipes in a package, this turns into a yearly cost of about $95. Over three years this could turn into spending an extra $285 on makeup removing wipes.

Comparing the amount of money spent over three years on all these cleansing items, it can easily be replaced with an ENJO Eye Pad. The soft fibres of the Eye Pad and other items in the Skincare Zone help to remove dead skin, dirt and oils, which leaves your skin at a natural pH. No need for toners or wipes. This helps you save big over a few years by replacing your previous makeup removing products with ENJO.


At $11 each, the ENJO Eye Pad is your new go-to remover. You can save over $100 a year on these types of products while also ensuring your skin stays healthy and clean with no chemicals. The Eye Pad won’t become a monthly purchase – it only needs replacing every few years.


To clean your ENJO Eye Pad, simply use some warm or hot water and a little bit of hand soap. This will release the dirt trapped by the fibres so your Eye Pad is always clean and ready to use to take off your makeup and cleanse your skin. Every ENJO Skincare product was tested by Dermatest and has received a five-star premium seal.






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