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The kitchen is known as the heart of the home for a reason; it often sees the most use. You probably use it for storing, prepping, cooking and eating, plus in many homes it doubles as a utility room and an essential social space. So keeping your kitchen clean and safe for all members of your family will be a high priority. Read on to discover how ENJO can help you to do this better.

Traditionally, people have cleaned their kitchens with chemical sprays and wipes in the belief that this will keep surfaces clean and safe. However, these leave your food prep areas tainted with chemical residue, which can transfer to your food and into your body. This is a particular concern for children and pets, whose smaller bodies are less able to deal with toxins, not to mention worries over the disposal of plastic packaging and the chemicals released into our waterways.

The ENJO kitchen range is specially designed to clean all areas of your kitchen up to six times more hygienically than chemicals, by simply adding water. Using the latest fibre technology, ENJO’s ultra-fine strands form a unique wedge-shape that reaches into the finest crevices. Here, the fibres loosen, trap and lift away food residue, dirt, grease and chemical residue. These are then released by washing your ENJO product in warm water, either by hand or in the washing machine. All completely chemical free, and safe for even the smallest members of your household. 

We’ve put together our essential guide to tackling the key areas of your kitchen, for a better, healthier clean. To discover more cleaning tips, product information and clean-living advice, get in touch – we’d love to chat.

Oven, hob and extractor fan

Kitchen Duoglove

Cleaning the oven is one of the most dreaded kitchen tasks, especially food residue that melts and drips to the bottom of the oven and grease build-up on the oven door. The ENJO Kitchen Duoglove is perfectly designed for this job, with the special fibres loosening and lifting the grease while the glove design protects your whole hand from touching it. Use together with the ENJO Marble Paste, then dry with the ENJO Kitchen ENJOfil cloth, and your oven will quickly be sparkling once again. There are no toxic fumes to force you out of the kitchen, and you’ll be able to use your oven straight after cleaning because there’s no need to burn off any chemical residue.

The Duoglove is also perfect for cleaning your hob, removing dirt, grease and food residue from around the rings with ease. And if you have a gas hob, you won’t need to worry about using chemicals near an open flame.

The high-quality fibres will last for around 3 years – compare this to the numerous disposable sponges that you’re likely to use during that time and you’ll appreciate the value of this magic tool!


The Duoglove also makes short work of the stubborn grease and dried-on food often found on extractor fans.

General surfaces

Kitchen All-purpose Cloth

For lightly soiled areas where you might normally use a conventional cloth, such as worktops, tables and cabinets, the ENJO Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth provides a deeper and more hygienic clean. A quick spray of water allows the technical fibres to work their magic, whisking away dirt instantly. And because it’s especially designed with a more gentle fibre construction than the Duoglove or Kitchen Sponge, it’s perfect for use on wooden surfaces.

Sink & taps

The wet areas of your kitchen can easily harbour dirt. ENJO’s Marble Paste acts as a mild abrasive that helps the ENJO fibres to loosen and lift particles, swiftly dealing with stubborn stains and heavy dirt. And when it comes to environmental credentials, you’ll be pleased to know that the ENJO Marble Paste is biodegradable and contains no artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or preservatives.


For heavy limescale deposits, a tiny amount of ENJO’s Calcium Dissolver will do the trick, although it should not be used on Corian or delicate surfaces.

Washing up

Kitchen Sponge

Washing heavily soiled dishes can be a real chore, leaving you with foul-smelling sponges or dishcloths. The ENJO Kitchen Sponge is a fabulous double-sided scourer that makes short work of removing stubborn dried-on food from dinnerware, pots and pans, and can then be washed spotlessly clean.

Meanwhile, the ENJO Kitchen Wand is perfect for properly cleaning out tight spaces such as flasks, drinking bottles and vases.   

Kitchen Wand

For streak-free, sparkling glassware, the extra-soft fibres of the specialist Cutlery and Glass ENJOfil remove all traces of watermarks and smears with minimal effort. And the waffle design of the ENJKitchen Tea Towel is your secret weapon for drying dishes, with a super-absorbent surface that will allow you to dry more dishes than a regular tea towel. Those mountains of tea towels in the cupboard can now be reduced as you won’t be needing so many!


Add a tiny amount of ENJO Washing Up Liquid for spotless, sparkling and toxin-free dinnerware. These liquids use an ultra-concentrated plant and mineral based recipe that contains no synthetic ingredients, phosphates or parabens. And each product comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

Stainless steel

Kitchen ENJOfil

The ENJO Kitchen ENJOfil cloth is a sustainable alternative to disposable drying cloths that’s perfect for drying and polishing all your stainless steel appliances. Wipe over first with the Kitchen Duoglove, then dry with the Kitchen ENJOfil for  best results.


Try it on all your smooth surfaces, such as glass panels and high-gloss cabinets, for a fabulous shine.

Food preparation

Kitchen Fruit & Veggie Cloth

The ENJO Fruit and Veggie cloth is the quick and easy way to remove dirt and unwanted residues from your fruit and vegetables. Use the rough side to loosen, lift and remove dirt, pesticides, preservatives and wax, then dry with the smooth side for truly clean eating.


Floor Fibre – Medium

Kitchen floors come in all types of material and are subject to a host of nasties, with spilled or dropped food particles being trodden into the surface. The ENJO Floorcleaning system offers a choice of fibres so that you can tailor your cleaning to your specific floor type. The Floor Fibre Soft is perfect for smooth and shiny surfaces, especially waxed, oiled and unsealed surfaces, while the Floor Fibre Medium is fabulous for laminates, PVC and tiles.


Use the Medium fibre for a quick daily floor clean without the need to dry.

Discover ENJO for yourself

These tips will help you to deal with even the trickiest areas of your kitchen. To find out how ENJO products can help to make your whole home clean and toxin-free, contact your local expert ENJOpreneur. We’ll be happy to visit you for a bespoke personal appointment where we can demo all the products in your own home. You can even receive discounted products by hosting a Demo for a few of your friends. Get in touch to find out more.


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