How Enjo Works

Reaches into
the finest pores

Acts like a dirt magnet

Kind to surfaces

Traditional cleaning

Conventional cloths clean superficially, leaving dirt and chemical residue in the crevices of surfaces, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Cleaning with ENJO

ENJOtex Fibres remove dirt and particles from all crevices. The dirt is trapped by the ENJO products until washed out of the fibre.

How does the ENJO fibre work?

The video demonstrates how our ENJOtex fibre cleans hygienically and deep into the pores.

Care Instructions

Our products are manufactured in Vorarlberg, Austria. We offer top production quality standards and a year warranty against faulty workmanship. The patented ENJO Colour Indicator shows you when a product has lost its ability to clean.

ENJO Fibres like:
  • Being washed before first use (except the Lint Glove and fibres for dusting and polishing).
  • Being washed in the laundry bag
  • Being washed at 40 – 60°C
  • Being air dried
ENJO Fibres don’t like:
  • Being wrung out sideways (better: roll up and squeeze out)
  • Fabric softner & bleach
  • Tumble dryer & dry cleaning
  • Hot surfaces

  1. Wet the fibre.

  2. Wipe the surface with your ENJO Fibre.

  3. Dry the surface with your ENJOfil.

Please note:

  • ENJO Floor Fibres should be rinsed after each use and hung up to dry. Do not allow to dry while dirty, e.g. on the Floorcleaner Plate.
  • There is a risk of scratching on delicate materials. You should therefore check the effect of cleaning with an ENJO fibre on a hidden area as a first step.
  • Contact with sharp or rough surfaces may well result in tears to some delicate ENJO fibres, creating small holes. This does not affect the function of the products.

Do you still have questions regarding how the ENJO Fibres work or how to look after them?

We’re happy to answer them. Fill out the contact form with your questions.

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