Scientific study on air hygiene


ENJO conducted a scientific study of air pollution caused by cleaning agents. The results speak for themselves.  

A good indoor climate is a significant factor when it comes to our health and well-being. We spend up to 90% of the day indoors. Poor air makes you tired and adversely affects your concentration, and can also be the cause of headaches. Contaminated air may potentially even weaken your immune system.

When ENJO fibres and water were used, there were readings of 0 mg/m³. There was a top reading of 96 mg/m³ total VOC on the person cleaning when a glass cleaner with the eco-label was used and a reading of no less than 112 mg/m³ in the case of a glass cleaner with no eco-label.

With ENJO, you protect your own health and that of your family. You can always breathe freely with ENJO!