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ENJO receives prestigious business award

In September 2017, ENJO International was named one of the three most successful small and medium-sized enterprises in Vorarlberg (Austria). The prize was awarded by the “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” and the Vorarlberg Economic Chamber. Almost 100 companies competed for the title in the categories commerce, service, tourism, trade and industry.

“With an innovative concept for environmentally friendly, chemical-free cleaning and an innovative distribution system, ENJO has secured its place in the international market” was constituted by the jury.

Study on Dust Pollution

New test results show that 13 times less dust is dispersed when using the ENJO Floorfibre Dust in comparison to conventional cleaning.

How long can you use your ENJO product?

New cleaning tests confirm – depending on application, area and frequency of use – the ENJO Fibre has an optimum cleaning performance for three years.

ENJO International Tour - September 2017

We had a wonderful time with ENJOpreneurs from all over the world here in Austria. Thank you for attending the ENJO International Tour in September 2017!

Scientific study on air hygiene

ENJO keeps the air clean – as recently corroborated scientifically.

We have conducted a scientific study on the air pollution caused by cleaners. The results speak for themselves.

Synergy 2017

At our Synergy 2017 we took “The Big Jump” into ENJO’s successful future together with 100 fantastic ENJOpreneurs from all over the world.