Summer Glow Skin Care

Get your Summer GLOW On 

Summer heralds in more time spent outside, warmer weather, and a little more sun in our lives. Mixing that with our holidays and vacations, many of us will adopt a different skin care and makeup routine to match the summer weather and activities.

Lighter makeup (or no makeup), more sunscreen and a more laid-back attitude mix with the need to keep skin healthy and cope with extra oil production. This is where ENJO’s Skin Care has got you covered!

Easy 3 Step Process

With ENJO, Clean Beauty is just 3 steps away with ENJO’s Skin Care:  Wet, Wipe and Dry. 

No effort is involved for a simple, quick face wash at any time and anywhere – simply grab one of ENJO’s Eye Pads or your Face Duoglove, add some cool/cold water, and massage in gentle circular motions. Allow to air dry, or pat dry gently with a towel.  It’s that simple – you’re ready for moisturizer/sunscreen, and you’re back on the go. 

No cleansers, no balancing toners. No cotton pads or wipes.  No waste to the landfill. Just ENJOPure, clean beauty. 

How ENJO’s Skin Care Fibres Work

Let’s start with a little about your skin…

The stratum corneum is the top layer of the skin epidermis, which is the top layer of our skin. It consists of about 20 layers of specialized cells that are slightly tougher than most cells.  Its main function is to defend against dehydration, and to protect the layers underneath. 

The epidermis (including the stratum corneum) is made up of tightly packed cells, which continually shed.  This shedding takes about 35 days. 

This is also where our pores are – which allow sweat and oil to escape. 

Continual skin cell renewal can lead to pores becoming blocked with oil and dead skin cells, which can lead to acne. 

ENJO Skin Care works by helping your skin remove the buildup of dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil, gently and safely.  This brightens your complexion, reduces pore size, and helps to keep your skin’s natural ph balance.

The microscopic fibres, 100x finer than a human hair, slough away skin cells to reveal the healthy cells underneath, preventing pores from becoming blocked. 

Have allergies or irritations?  Using just water, ENJO avoids aggravating or dehydrating your skin with chemicals or fragrances.

Your Top 4 Reasons to Embrace ENJO’s Clean Beauty, and get your GLOW on this Summer

No harsh ingredients

Replace chemical cleansers, toners and disposable wipes with hand-sewn fibres that effectively remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate with just water.

Sustainable skin care

No excess packaging, no wipes or cotton pads, and no chemical waste. Reusable for up to 3 years.  Then return them to ENJO for recycling!  ENJO is committed to sharing a zero-waste skin care routine. 

Designed to be kind

Ultrafine fibres, 100x smaller than a human hair, effectively lift dirt, oil and makeup from the skin with minimal effort leaving clean, smooth and bright skin.  Dermatest certified to cause no skin allergies or sensitization. Welcome to a new level of kindness for your skin! 

Award-winning makeup removal 

Voted Cosmopolitan Magazine Makeup Remover of the year, 2017.

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