No More Single Use: Reusable Cleaning Products & How they work

If you like a clean home but you don’t like constantly throwing items out, you should try reusable cleaning products

Over the past few years, we’ve all cheered at seeing single-use products being substituted for reusable alternatives. From coffee cups to straws and shopping bags – slowly but surely, single-use is becoming a thing of the past for consumers.

But what about other everyday household items, which may or may not be single-use, but ultimately end up in the trash? How do we reduce not just single-use, but disposables?

The answer is, reusable products.

Why does reusable matter?

We share the planet with 7.8 billion people, and with the amount of consumption we do, single-use has quickly become unsustainable. 

Each year, Canada generates an average of 720 kg of waste per person per year. While some of it (9%) gets recycled, the rest ends up in landfill, with about 29,000 tonnes finds its way into our natural environment.(1)  

While single-use/disposable has a part to play in the world (such as in the medical field), there are many choices that we can make to change the amount of waste – and the amount that finds its way into nature. 

Cleaning products and waste generation

We all clean. Whether you clean-as-you-go during the week or have a cleaning blitz each weekend, we are continually using tools or products to clean our homes & surroundings. 

Traditional cleaning products are disposable by nature. How long they last in the home is dependent upon how often you clean and how much product you use, but once traditional cleaning products run out or become worn out, they become waste. This has become even more prevalent in the past few years as “convenient” single-use wipes, floor wipes and even disposable toilet brush heads have moved into the market.  

Over a year, how many bottles of all-purpose kitchen spray, bathroom cleaner, floor detergents and window cleaner do you use in your home? How many disposable cloths, sponges and paper towels? How many single-use wipes?

How reusable cleaning products work

Reusable cleaning products are simple: Clean, wash, repeat. 

Reusable cleaning products are specially designed to clean your home, be washed and ready to clean your home again and again.

How is this possible? This is how ENJO makes reusable cleaning products work for up to 3 years…

1. High-quality, durable materials

For cleaning products to be long-term reusable, they need to be made from high-quality, durable material and produced to the highest standard. 

ENJO’s reusable range of cleaning products are made in Vorarlberg, Austria, often referred to as “Silicon Valley of textiles”. The raw materials are Oeko-Tex certified: they have undergone strict independent testing and been certified free from harmful and toxic substances.  

Each product is individually hand sewn and quality checked.  

It’s this level of care that leads to ENJO’s long-term use – proven to last up to 3 years.

2. Smart fibre technology

Traditional cleaning methods include using cleaning chemicals that need to be purchased again and again, meaning the packaging of those cleaners become waste. Reusable cleaning products mean replacing harsh chemicals and disposable packaging with patented fibre technology.

Unlike any other fibre cleaning range, ENJO’s fibres are 100-times finer than a human hair and have a unique wedge shape that, when teamed with cold water, work to clean surfaces in your home — down to a pore-deep level. Their ability to release the dirt and grime when washed in warm to hot water leaves the fibres in perfect condition to do the same thing, again and again.  

The fibres are designed for specific types of dirt and grime, meaning that entire rooms of the home can be cleaned over and over again with one set of fibres; this means no purchasing and restocking of the various liquids, sprays, polishes and powders.

How to clean your home with reusable cleaning products

1. Choose the right product

ENJO has designed a range of clever cleaning products that suit different surfaces and dirt in the home. For example, Kitchen fibres are designed to cut through grease and grime, whereas Bathroom fibres work to remove mineral deposits and soap scum.

2. Wet your fibre & wipe the surface or item

To effectively clean your home with ENJO all you need is water (our dust fibres actually require nothing)!  Simply use a spray bottle or tap to wet your fibre and wipe the surface clean like you would with any other cleaning product.

3. Wipe the surface dry

ENJO Fibres work with cold water, which enables them to trap and lift dirt from surfaces, so after cleaning with your fibre, simply dry the surface with the ENJOfil to prevent bacteria/mould growth, and to bring up the best, brightest shine.

4. Wash your products

When it comes to long-lasting, reusable cleaning products, how you care for them is important. When your reusable cleaning products are dirty, simply pop them in your ENJO Laundry Bag and wash with a natural laundry detergent (no fabric softener) such as the Lavender Laundry Liquid, on warm to hot cycle.  Hang to dry, and they are ready for the next job! 

What are the benefits of reusable cleaning products?

Switching from disposable to reusable comes with so many benefits.

1. Reduce your household waste

ENJO cleaning products last 3 years which means no empty detergent bottles and no worn out products that need replacing each week or month.  ENJO also recycles old fibres into items such as car seat stuffing, agricultural sheeting and home insulation. If you have old fibres, simply contact your ENJOpreneur and they will arrange for collection.

2. Improve your home’s indoor air quality

Cleaning with ENJO’s reusable cleaning products means cleaning without harsh chemicals that pollute your home’s indoor air.

3. Zero worries about chemical residues

No cleaning chemicals mean that there’s no chemical residue left on surfaces – and it also means  no damage to expensive fixtures and fittings, and no risk when it comes to your children or pets.

4. Spend less on cleaning supplies

Reusable cleaning products are an initial investment of your tools, which save you money over time. A healthy ENJO home will cost you about $4.67 per week over 3 years, compared to the average of $7.69 per week on traditional cleaning methods.

5. Use less water when cleaning

Cleaning with water actually helps save water: A spray bottle or quick run under the tap is used rather than buckets, and no need to rinse chemicals and their residue from surfaces after cleaning. Energy is also saved as cold water is used for cleaning as opposed to hot water. 

6. Reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning

Cleaning with reusable products is faster; there’s no need for multiple different detergents, no time wasted waiting for chemicals to ‘work’, no rinsing, and no extra time spent filling and emptying buckets. Simply wet, wipe and dry.

Ready to see how reusable cleaning products can work in your home? Book a Demo NOW!

Source:  Canada one-step closer to zero plastic waste by 2030 

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