Why are we so passionate about ENJO?

ENJO is different. It is 100% chemical-free and is 6 times* cleaner than other standard household multipurpose cleaners!

We’re passionate about ENJO because we believe ‘green is good’. We also believe in stepping up and taking a stand to facilitate change in our communities, for our planet. It could be as small as getting just one family to convert a zone in their home or as big as a whole community removing every chemical in their household and converting their whole street. All our small steps together will, sure enough, add up to one mighty change!

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Become one of us

As an ENJOpreneur, not only do you earn your own money and gain independence, you also have the best opportunities to combine family life and your profession. Take hold of your future and secure your independence. You can do it!

Make life easier

We develop honest, brave and high-value products that save time and money, protect health and the environment. And best of all: The ENJO method allows you to clean six times more hygienically (using only water) compared to conventional methods.

ENJO NEW ZEALAND | 121 Vincent Street, Howick, Auckland | Phone (09) 533 0130 | Fax (09) 533 0150 | enjo@enjo.co.nz