Dermatest certification for Enjo skin care fibre

2018 starts with another milestone in ENJO history. After going through an intensive testing phase, our Skin Care Fibre has been awarded the well-respected Dermatest Certification. Another proof of the high quality of our ENJO-products.


Dermatest is an internationally renowned company based in Germany which tests products for dermatological tolerance. This means Dermatest checks how the skin reacts to a product.
• Clinical dermatological tests according to highest international standards
• Team of dermatologists and biologists
• 30 years of experience


Products which correspond to the high dermatological requirements of Dermatest are awarded the Dermatest Certification. There are 3 levels of the certification.


The Dermatest study consists of a main part and an additional part:

1. Main part
• test persons over the course of 4 weeks
• Dermatological application test
• Subsequent patch testing* in accordance with international guidelines
• Questionnaire test persons

2. Additional part
• 5 test persons over the course of 4 weeks
• Clinical-dermatological application test with VISIA system*

* What is a patch test
Patch testing is a method to detect primary skin irritation potential and/or existing allergic sensitisation. The test substance is applied to the skin. The skin is checked dermatologically at 24, 48 and 72 hours.

* What is VISIA?
With the VISIA™ system it is possible to compare digital pictures of the face in order to compare skin characteristics and conditions. Pores, porphyrins and evenness can be displayed exactly and can not only be evaluated subjectively but objectively as well.