ENJO cleans with cold water only and lasts up to 3 years.
Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

Using Fibre Technology, the sophisticated ENJO Fibres absorb the dirt and release them again when washed with soap and warm water. The cold water acts as a solvent to loosen, dissolve and weaken dirt particles. It goes without saying that we have had this scientifically tested and ENJO has become a tried and tested product on the basis of more than 25 years of experience and countless satisfied households. Not only does an ENJO Fibre last up to 3 years, you can say goodbye to toxic chemical cleaners for good leaving you with a safer, healthier and better clean.

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  • Clean your bathrooms for only $0.69 per week for 3 years with our Bathroom Pack
  • 6x cleaner than traditional cleaning methods
  • Eliminate chemical cleaners, sponges and paper towels
  • Simplifies cleaning – safe for the family to help!

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Clean all kitchen surfaces and appliances for only $0.78 per week for 3 years with our Kitchen Pack
  • 6x better clean than traditional cleaning methods
  • Eliminates wipes, powders, sprays and gels, paper towels and sponges

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Clean bedrooms, living rooms, halls, stairs and offices/studies for $1.02 per week for 3 years with our Living Pack
  • 6x cleaner than traditional cleaning methods
  • Eliminates cleaners, polishes and disposable dusters

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Skin Care

  • Facial and body cleansing for only $0.63 per week with our Skin Care Pack
  • Eliminates makeup remover and cotton pads, makeup wipes, bath soaps and shower gels
  • Fibres offer gentle, pore deep daily cleansing, plus periodic exfoliation

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Cleans all outdoor surfaces for $0.83 per week for 3 years with our Outdoor Pack
  • Use water to clean BBQs, cars, boats, garden tools, outdoor furniture and more
  • Prevents groundwater and storm sewer contamination
  • Eliminates chemical soaps and wire brushes

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Window cleaning for $1.08 per week for 3 plus years with our Window Pack

  • Cuts window cleaning time in half
  • Cleans windows and screens thoroughly, eliminates sprays and paper towels
  • Fits telescopic pole for extended reach

6o Day Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Clean all the floors in your home for $1.66 per week for 3 years with our Floor Pack
  • Hardwood, vinyl, laminates, porcelain, cork, marble and more
  • Eliminates toxic floor cleaners, sprays and wipes
  • Ergonomic design is easy on the body and adjustable for each user

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee