Kitchen Duocloth and Enjofil

The grease side (sun side) is suitable for use on everything from ceramic and glass cook tops and work surfaces to appliances.

Cold water and just ENJO! The grime side (striped side) can be used to remove stubborn dirt on pots and pans, ovens and ceramic bake ware. For best results, use cold water. This causes fat to harden, so it can be picked up by the fibre strands and remain there. Only when the fibre is rinsed in warm or hot water and soap does the fat become liquid again.

The kitchen fibre gets pore deep to lift out dirt that causes bacteria and even chemical residue. Always dry behind with your Kitchen ENJOfil. Your drying cloth, called the Kitchen ENJOfil, is absorbent and leaves a beautiful shine.

Caution. The grease side of the kitchen fibre will remove protective wax, oil or gloss from wood. Do not use on wood surfaces. The grime side is not to be used on stainless steel.

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