How to use your Kitchen Fibre

Your ENJO is suitable for use on everything from ceramic and glass cooktops, to stainless steel appliances. The Kitchen Fibres are designed specially for the grease and grime that you’ll find in your kitchen! For best results, use only cold water with the Fibre. This causes grease to harden, so it is easily trapped in the Fibre and removed from the surface. When the Fibre is washed out in warm or hot water and soap, the grease is released and washed down the drain.

Your Kitchen Fibre goes pore deep to lift out dirt that causes bacteria, and even removes chemical residue! Be sure that once you have cleaned the surface with your ENJO Fibre, you dry behind to leave a shine.

Caution! The grease removing properties of your Kitchen Fibre will remove protective wax, oil or gloss from wood surfaces. Do not use on wood.

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