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Do you love ENJO Products? Do you have a passion for helping others and making a difference for the Earth?

At ENJO there’s no experience required! You don’t need to have a business background – just a passion for Making a Difference! You’ll learn everything you need to help clients make a positive impact in their lives. If you’re passionate about sharing a happier, healthier life, then ENJO is for you.

ENJOlife Business Opportunity


What you'll do

▪ Provide ongoing service to your clients as they make their way to ENJOPure

 Share ENJO’s revolutionary cleaning methods by Personal Appointments or Demos/Cleaning Classes

▪ Share the ENJOlife/Income Opportunity with others and help them get started

Love your work, love your ENJO life!

ENJO is in the business of changing lives. More than just fibres, ENJO protects and saves what is most important to families and their future. We are a global company with a very local impact – we have a mission to change the lives of others, home by home, and we have the opportunity to serve over 14 million homes across Canada. How can we do that? By sharing the gift of good living. There’s no better time than now. A revolution is happening – we’re already making a change for health, time, money and the environment.

All we need is you.

Meet ENJO Founder Johannes Engl and the International team, and create friendships with other ENJOpreneurs from around the world!

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