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Cleaning has nothing to do with chemistry.

ENJO Canada President Trish Ronan first used ENJO while living in Australia in 2000, where ENJO was already a household name.  She was thoroughly impressed with how effectively it cleaned, and was really proud to eliminate chemicals in her family home – particularly for the health of her 3 boys.

Several years later, Trish brought her ENJO Fibres to Canada when she moved home to seek treatment for her special needs son.  When seeking a flexible business that would support her schedule as a Mom, Trish decided to bring ENJO to Canada in 2004 – something she believed in and wanted every family to benefit from.  She realized quickly that there were many Canadians who are ready to eliminate toxic chemicals and waste from their homes, and ENJO began to grow.

Produced in Austria. Made for the World.

Developed in Austria in 1985, ENJO is committed to quality, 100% Austrian made, we don’t out-source the production of our products, meaning we have the utmost confidence in the quality and effectiveness.



ENJO Canada is proud to have a team that spans the nation, and ENJO is being used in thousands of homes across Canada – Canadians all joined in the mission to protect our beautiful lands and the health of our families.

ENJO offers ingenious, environmentally friendly products that are made 100% climate neutral in Austria, make life easier, promote health and well-being, and save time and money.

We take care of sustainability in the whole product lifecycle and, thanks to the creation of ENJOpure homes, make an active contribution to maintaining the environment for ourselves and for the generations to come.

ENJO stands for personalised customer service and our delighted customers are a testament to our success.


1985 – How it all began

The ENJO success story begins in the spring of 1985. The innovative entrepreneur Friedrich Engl witnessed an oil accident on Lake Constance in Austria. The fire department embarked on the arduous task of cleaning up the leaked oil. Friedrich wondered whether there was a better way to handle such environmentally harmful incidents.

Back at home, Friedrich attempted to filter oil out of water using special fabrics. In the process, he discovered that one of the fibres he tested was able to clean deep into the pores. The ENJO idea was therefore born and was later realized by his son Johannes Engl. Johannes founded the company ENJO (= ENgl JOhannes) in 1990.

ENJO is now available in more than 26 countries around the world. More than 2,000 ENJOpreneurs help people make their homes ENJOpure.

Photo: Johannes Engl with his children Paula and Jonathan

ENJO together

ENJO grows with its employees. Social responsibility and respect in the workplace are a fundamental part of our philosophy.

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