Helios Foundation

Helios is a shared charity projekt of the ENJO worldwide community which was initiated by ENJO Canada. ENJO gives people a better quality of life everyday. This positive transformation is something we want to share with the world. With Helios we support projekts which focus on the four pillars of ENJO philosophy.

Our four Pillars:

  • Health: We support projekts that promote health and healthy living. We strive to give people and families a better quality of life.
  • Environment: We protect nature and take an active part in creating a cleaner, safer wolrd for future generations.
  • Happy Homes: We build homes for the poorest of the world, giving them hope and opportunities.
  • Empowerment: We believe that education is the foundation for a better future. Access to education is a human right.

Want to support Helios in a more hands on way?
If you want to visit some of our projekts, please contact us.

Have a projekt close to your heart?
Then share this projekt with us, it may be perfect for Helios. Together we make a difference.

First Projekt: Helios Homes

The Helios Projekt provides homes for the extreme poor all over the world.
Together ENJO and its community are building homes that give hope and opportunities.
Together, we are changing the world, one home at a time.
Together, we are making a difference.
Helios Homes are clean, safe and healthier.

Did you know…

  • Half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day
  • More than 2 Billion people don’t have clean water or basic sanitation
  • One quarter of all humanity lives without electricity
  • Every 3.5 seconds, a child dies from poverty