How to take care of your ENJO products


Please follow these simple steps for optimum cleaning with the ENJO products:

  • Before first use, wash all fibres (except the Lint Glove).

  • ENJO fibres don’t like: fabric softener, bleach, tumble-dryers, being wrung lengthways or dry cleaning.

  • Do not leave dirty or wet Floorfibres on the Floorcleaner Plate to dry.

  • Use a laundry bag when machine washing.

  • For light soilage, rinse/wash fibres by hand.

  • For medium/heavy soilage, machine wash fibres in water up to 60°C using liquid or powdered laundry detergent.

  • Wash all ENJO fibres with similar coloured cloth.

  • After washing, hang fibres to dry.

  • Occasionally wash the Floorcleaner Plate to remove dirt/grit.


1. Wet the top of the fibre.

2. Roll water through evenly.

3. Squeeze out any excess water.

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