Garage Glove

Art.-No. 40600

Area of use

Cars, motorbikes, bicycles, children’s bikes, go-karts, pedal-cars, scooters, Quad bikes, helmets, campervans, tough plastics like outdoor furniture, tents, tarpaulins, etc.


To clean car: hose car first to loosen or remove dirt particles. Atmospheric dust particles may scratch surface – therefore it is important to use Garage Glove very wet and rinse often in a bucket of water to avoid scratching paintwork with small particles that may be lodged in the fibre. Wash from roof of car and work downwards – wash wheel rims last. Hose again afterwards. Dry off with Outdoor ENJOfil which works as a chamois. As with traditional products the car should not be washed in direct sunlight as this causes smears on the paintwork.


Wet to very wet.

ENJO hints

Brake dust can easily be removed from alloy wheels. Toxic chemicals can be avoided. Insects on car lights and bonnets/car hoods are removed easily if the area is wetted with hot water beforehand.

Use wet Dry afterwards

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