What sets us apart?

We at ENJO have been asked many times by prospective ENJOpreneurs and customers about what sets us apart.

We would like to share with you what we believe to be ‘our best bits’;



1. Relationships

People sell ENJO, not television adverts. We like to recognise that moving to chemical free cleaning is a bit of a journey, a ‘step into the unknown’, as for many of us we're initially sceptical too! We work with our customers at a gentle pace by building relationships, providing evidence and support that helps them feel comfortable and informed.


Through small local demo’s, full training and support, a customer online management system second to none and wonderful literature, we feel our caring ENJOpreneurs can genuinely explain and show how easy the step into chemical free can be. For those keen to save money, save time on a job that not many enjoy doing, and for those wanting to do just a ‘better’ job; seeing is believing, trust us! With the added bonus of dispensing with unnecessary chemicals within the home (there are health benefits), ENJO is the future of easy cleaning.


2. ENJO is part of a worldwide family

ENJO is presently in 26 countries across the globe and our message is spreading fast. Australia has been our biggest recent sales success to date and in Iceland over 80% of households benefit from having ENJO products in their home. In the UK, we see a great opportunity to rival those successes.


Every ENJOpreneur (Consultant) has the chance to visit the factory in Austria for learning, fun and personal development and has the opportunity to earn an annual Synergy Conference luxury trip (which has included in the past Thailand, Iceland, New Zealand and Singapore). Even in monthly sales there is a worldwide leader board with financial bonuses and recognition.

3. ENJO is manufactured in Austria

We produce our textiles exclusively in Vorarlberg, Austria, and source our raw materials from the local region as much as possible to reduce our environmental footprint. Experienced staff, the finest raw materials and modern machinery are the foundation of our innovative and award winning products. Every article that is produced is checked for quality control by hand, ensuring the highest quality products for you, our customer.


4. However, we still very much focus on local

We encourage ENJOpreneurs to work their businesses locally, to support communities to understand choices and options. We start with a household at a time but we have found that the message rapidly spreads as more households adopt our philosophy of saving money, saving time, staying healthy and saving the environment. This sets us apart in direct selling and our feedback from customers and ENJOpreneurs is that they find our approach supportive and helpful. It makes everyone comfortable coming to demonstrations, sometimes just to listen, but always to learn a little more.
For our ENJOpreneurs; working close to home, understanding ‘the more the merrier’ in terms of recruiting new team members close we create a buzz that leads simply to even more sales.
This technique is worth exploring with your ENJOpreneur, initially it can feel counter intuitive.


5. The products, ahh THE PRODUCTS

A simple process; wet, wipe and dry. That is the good deep pore clean achieved by some cold water misted onto a surface, a soft rub with a high tech ‘glove’ (which has highly specialist fibres) and a quick wipe with an ENJOfil cloth. This is Level 1.

It is that simple and we just love the utter magic of showing this at demos. It is so clever and so delightfully simple. We do understand the ‘suspiciously so’ sense on first sight or hearing of it!

With our range of 7 zones in the home (7 typical surface types, 7 typical dirt types and 7 colours of products to help to make it clearer) we make it simple to understand how ENJO can help tackle the most difficult of parts of your cleaning routine.

We do offer magic but we don’t perform miracles. If there is deeper dirt – a stain or something burnt on for example you may need a ‘sponge’ – think Level 2 - (really it’s a scrub but we like softly, softly) and or ‘a helper’. A sponge and helper is Level 3. At a demo all this is explained, essentially it is up to a 3 stage clean, but most cleaning a special zone specific glove and ENJOfil will do.


We as owners and ENJOpreneurs ‘love the glove’ and we dream of the day when people don’t ‘hate cleaning’ but simply ‘just do some ENJO’.


6. The Income Potential

We know that we compare well to other direct sellers. Our online earnings calculator is well worth exploring and does the job better than charts and words – it is personal to you and we can prove it. Believe in yourself and believe in us!

We have a route to £3k a month which we will happily talk through with you, but you need to be focused to achieve it! Slower journeys are available and of course so is much more income.

For those working a consistent business, ENJO also provides a residual income. As fibres and cloths, through long term use, wear out and need replacement then this ‘repeat business’ is there with commissionable sales in addition to the new demo’s.

We have a system that ENJOpreneurs can use to schedule customer care and with repeat business it is easy to understand why care is important and so worthwhile.


7. Let's face it, cleaning isn’t sexy is it?!

We know! In a new area perhaps your friends don’t want to come to a cleaning party and have maybe have no idea about ENJO. So we just suggest thinking of a demo as a party with “Magic Gloves”, it sounds so much more fun and we even pop fairies on the invites. We like to thank our hosts with a generous reward but we do like to offer to help the magic work so we will support you with a call or two to ensure their success in your homes and that you are happy to explore the ENJO world further.

8. The best kept secret

Over the last 5 years we have been building solid foundations; supporting customers and ENJOpreneurs. We have also developed a Makeover programme to help transition homes to chemical free and now have great success in the UK. But for many we are unheard of, so now approaching 2016 with a solid business base, we are ready to significantly expand into England and Wales and strengthen in Scotland. We have strong foundations, a wealth of expertise and are looking for leaders to help us grow; we are ‘up against chemicals’ and we aim to win!

9. Getting started and training

We give you a personal trainer, they are paid to train you and when you are ready you will be paid to train others if you wish to share and grow your business.

The Business Starter Kit (BSK) costs £199 and is valued at over £500 but is only £49 if you complete 10 Demos in your first six weeks. This means that ENJO UK will give you £150 back in cash from the £199 initial start up cost.



We keep it personal, we make it fun and perhaps now you know us a little better you would like to chat to one of us?

ENJO UK | Burgundy House, 24 The Forresters, Harpenden, Hertfordshire | AL5 2FB | Tel: 01582 278840 | office@enjo.co.uk