Your start as an ENJOpreneur

Please complete the enquiry form or speak with your personal ENJOpreneur.
Let’s explore the possibilities. We like to chat.


We also seek to build meaningful and supportive business relationships and are happy to share information and guide you to useful online information to support your choice.

If after careful consideration and using our products and weighing up your options you do choose to join ENJO we would like to help you develop your passion and potential.

When you have decided to become an ENJOpreneur:

  1. Sign a ENJOpreneur Business Agreement.
  2. Purchase your ENJO Business Starter Kit for £199 (currently valued atover £500)
  3. Attend professional training by a an ENJO trainer or an ENJO leader where you will learn how to book your initial demos.


As a ENJOpreneur just starting your new ENJO business:

  1. You will receive full training and support from your Leader, colleagues and your designated "ENJO buddy" during the first 12 weeks.
  2. You will be earning money and the chance to get FREE products, to help get you off to a great start.
  3. Ongoing support; encouragement and motivation.


Now you are ready to run your own ENJO business. You are in charge.

You define when you work, where you work, and how much you earn.

It sounds easy because it is easy to start an ENJO business.

ENJO has enhanced my life 10 fold

"Since joining ENJO in May 2010 it has enhanced my life 10 fold. I now have a chemical free environment and know that I save money and time by using ENJO. I am very proud to be part of a fantastic team in Aberdeen.
My first WOW moment was when I met up with Shann who wanted to show me ENJO. I spent 1 hour with her and was so blown away by everything about ENJO I knew that ENJO was right for me in every way".

Gladys Eunson
Sales Leader

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