For Roslyn and her family, ENJO has quite literally turned their lives around.


We spoke to Roslyn to find out how..

 My ENJO story so far:

[ Editor: Catherine Adey Davies (Interviewer) & Roslyn Morrison 's own words ]

Roslyn has 4 children (now age 17-23) with her husband Ian. She’s also very excited to become a granny very soon! For many years, Roslyn had worked as a carer, but after undergoing surgery was advised by her doctor that she should find something less physical as the lifting might put too much of a strain on her body.


The following year wasn’t much fun for Roslyn.. She found a cleaning job in a local fish factory and “absolutely hated it!”. The work involved 6am starts and 5 hour shifts.. All for just the minimum wage. “I did it for nearly a year.. It was the same thing, day in, day out and the stress of it really was making me ill” says Roslyn.

"My name is Roslyn Morrison. I’m overwhelmed at how successful ENJO has been for me." 

After the factory shift it was on to do house cleaning.. And it was at a private home that Roslyn first came across ENJO. “Under the sink there were no cleaning products where they would usually be.. Nothing except these cloths and gloves! I didn’t have a clue what they were or how to use them so I went out to my car to get my ‘emergency supplies’ of chemicals!”


Roslyn was curious though so she went home in the evening and looked on youtube to find out what ENJO was. She watched a bathroom demo online and next time she did the cleaning job in Peterhead she used the ENJO from under the sink. “I still wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, but it seemed good so I went home and ordered the bathroom set”. On visiting the ENJO site for a second time, Roslyn was directed to contact her nearest consultant, so after a few enquiries on FaceBook she was put in touch with an ENJOpreneur.


This was to be an absolute turning point. “my ENJOpreneur ordered more products for me, showed me everything and kept in contact. We became friends over time, and one day my ENJOpreneur asked did I fancy becoming an ENJOpreneur.. My first reaction was absolutely not! I wasn’t a very confident person and there was no way I could see myself talking to groups of people and doing demos! But I did speak to my husband about it and he was really encouraging. His attitude was ‘what have we got to lose?!’ Ian had lost his job in the oil industry and had by this time been unemployed for 10 months. Ian told me he could help with computer side of things and would be there to support me.”


It was a visit from a Sales Leader that finally sealed the deal. Roslyn decided to take the plunge after a 1-2-1 and a good chat about the business.. and signed up that same day in early December. Ian attended all the trainings and even went with Roslyn to her first demos where he did the cleaning bits! (we like your style Roslyn!!)


Roslyn absolutely stormed her first 6 weeks and has continued to go from strength to strength.

“I’m overwhelmed at how successful ENJO has been for me and it came along at exactly the right time! I went from earning minimum wage and hating every minute of my cleaning job to literally paying our mortgage in the first month with my ENJO earnings. If it hadn’t been for ENJO, I honestly don’t know where we’d be right now. I actually worked out that I would have had to do 10 shifts to cover what I made just from my kick off demo!”


Roslyn has now taken the plunge to focus purely on her ENJO business and has been able to give up her factory job. In fact hubby Ian has now started his own ENJO window cleaning business which has got off to a great start..  ENJO really is proving to be quite the family affair. So what does the future hold for Roslyn? “I am so excited for the future now! My ENJOpreneur and my Sales Leader have been so encouraging and given me so much support. I never dreamed that I could do something like this..and now I’ve got Laurie Ann (my first recruit) working with me too. We’re booked in for the National Festival and I can’t wait to see everyone”.


Thank you so much Roslyn for sharing your inspirational story with us. Congratulations on your amazing start with ENJO and we’ve no doubt at all that your success will continue! x


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