After 12 years at Pampered Chef is possible to find true love again x

This is the story of how I found my new business:

[ Editor: these are Nikki's own words not ENJO's ]


"10th September, I was on ‘The Call’; Pampered Chef is closing 31st December. It was a shock, afterwards I was strangely calm yet surrounded by tears.

I was 100% reliant on this company for my income; I have done nearly 900 shows and love working with a team of well over 100.


This hurt and I was in shock.

"My name is Nikki Shepherd, I am currently a Senior Director with Pampered Chef and have been a consultant with them for over 12 years. 

I am writing this in late November 2015."

In the next few days, I contacted over 15 members of the Direct Selling Association. I wanted a reputable and responsible company.  Some have even still yet to respond, but one did with a warm sympathetic message, an offer to speak and some very useful information. I briefly looked at their website – but I didn’t ‘get’ the products or any helpful illustration of earnings. Maybe they were just ‘shy’?


I wanted to stay in Direct Selling; I like the lifestyle, the flexibility, the potential, the passion and being able to devote time to my family whilst providing for them.


Over the next 2 weeks or so I filled my diary with dates for my existing business to give me some breathing space to carefully review my options. I felt at a cross roads, did I stay with my love of Direct Selling or return to the limitations and inflexibility of working for someone else.


I undertook very careful research; I cannot jump into a new business blindly. After a couple of weeks of reviewing all opportunities, talking to Direct Sales Companies and having work interviews I was ready to make a decision.


I was intrigued by ‘the shy one’ and decided I wanted to explore it further. I was impressed, I had decided to adopt the ‘direct approach’, I am a businesswoman who wants a proper income not just a part time job.  Meanwhile interviews came in and I was offered a good job; well paid and term time only!


I got to know the ‘shy business’ better and they were forthcoming, what a revelation; £3k had been achieved by 2 ‘no previous experience’ consultants within 6 months. They had over 10% of consultants regularly earning more than £3k a month.


That’s decent, a worthwhile income. I am certainly worth that.


In 148 months with Pampered Chef, heading a big team I had had £3k commission payments only twice. The ‘shy one’ had nearly 90 consultants in Scotland (with a waiting list to join in certain areas), I was now interested. It was about the business at this stage, not the products. I saw enormous potential in England and Wales.


The new company ‘shy one’ impressed me tremendously with their relationship driven selling style; honest, respectful and based on a real desire to improve communities and create a better environment. The product is also outstanding; high tech, manufactured with integrity, quality and simply the best way of doing the job I have ever seen. All helped through a bespoke online customer management system.


Yes, I could be very comfortable in this environment – less travel as consultants get best results working very locally (unlike my previous experience), more daytime work (hurrah), a demo is for up to 8 people and can be on a  1 2 1 basis too. I was very happy with that. The product is absolutely unique – far simpler than it first appears and I endorse and trust it having being at a show and seeing it work.


Their average customer spend is £111 each per party, seeing customers typically 4 to 5 times in a year, thus achieving ‘home makeover’ status. Having been established over 5 years they know their ‘makeover’ customers then spend an average of £150 to £200 a year on more fibres and replacements, providing a residual income for the consultant. Distribution is across 22 countries worldwide and British family owned in the UK, they have won Worldwide Distributor 2 of the last 3 years. 80% plus of households in Iceland use these products – I’ll accept that as a recommendation!


I utterly respect and trust the simply lovely, warm, professional owners. Through over 20 hours of calls it felt right and good, I became truly excited and genuinely happy. The business is financially secure (heck that matters like nothing else), they had yet to embrace recruiting ‘properly’ as they were refining the process and presentation of their amazing product – they are perfectionists with passion. No consultant who is ‘established’ has left in 2 years since they have refined their presentation model and concept. They have no quality or stocking issues, they are getting something very right here.


They pay leaders to train their consultants (they can earn £500 a month training 3 at a time), as you develop your team you earn more – so the more help you give them  the more you and they earn. The lower your down line develops the more you earn on each level. You earn 4 layers deep (depending on downline level). I very recently helped conceptualise their ‘earnings calculator’ (please see it on their website – it will wow you I am certain).


I love the ‘worldwide competition’; a ‘top of the world’ seller can earn a £500 bonus each month, there is much inter country support, communication, competition and celebration.


Joining is a £100 deposit for the kit (value over £500) and it is then free after submitting 10 demos in 6 weeks. The kit is smart, professional and the marketing materials and paperwork are exceptional. There are of course many starter bonuses too. The online diary prompts customer care calls and reminders, automatically. To grow future income there is great value in customer care. You get everything so easily information wise. For me it is a complete breath of fresh air.


The new business is utterly professional, very experienced but similarly keen to be honest open and fair, to reward hard work and a job well done. I spoke with them and then met one of their advisors; an ex chair of DSA and ex MD of Kleeneze. That helped, an endorsement without personal benefit. I spoke with one of only 7 current leaders (what potential for all) in their team; I felt the warmth, the family feel, the yearning to learn and grow. I heard of outstanding trips (worldwide gatherings in worldwide locations – Thailand and Iceland recently no less, this January it is … London ! So, it will be somewhere further afield for 2017 then!). There are sensational rewards and ground breaking initiatives. I could do charity fundraisers, that matters greatly to me and they sell pink stuff in October! I was hooked. So I joined them and rejected the good job.


I have seen great potential.

I have dug deeper in my reviews.

I found this ‘dream opportunity’ myself.

I have had butterflies of wonder.

I have not slept in what feels like forever as I am so very excited.

I flew to somewhere amazing to see the products in action and their utterly fervent customers, I ate Scottish landlady’s breakfasts and I smiled.


I am convinced. I am committed. I am excited and I am ready to help them grow.


I arrive without a team. It is a fresh start and a clean sheet, I have had to be brave. I will create new customers and consultants and support leaders, using skills, ability and self belief. I promised only ‘passion and potential’ and I only seek to share the opportunity with potential consultants and leaders who offer the same. They did not pay me to join. We will do quality not quantity – serious income will not need huge teams, but it will take work, and passion, and potential.


I am delighted and thrilled to announce that I am working with them as a UK Business Developer.

I am also building my own business locally.

I am not corporate – I believe in this as a consultant. 100%.


I see a long future here. They have seen my potential, and I have absolutely seen theirs. I can happily work in this new family. They have embraced my passion, listened and made me feel very valued. I am excited and I feel I have my ‘happy me’ back!


You cannot fulfil your potential without self belief, I now have mine, but not that long ago I had lost it all.


I wish everyone I know in Direct Selling, well, we all have a shared dream and we are stronger together, this is the future for so very many.


So – if this has made you think, if you are interested or even just nosey, please come discover and explore with me. This business has been ‘the best kept secret in Direct Selling’ for too long. They are established, business ready, growth hungry and with proven credentials. It is so exciting.


We are a business to be enjoyed, we aren’t yet the polished final article as we have a long way to grow. We are an established worldwide, proven business looking for ‘kick starters’; opportunities throughout the UK. I am happy to lead, stepping up to the plate, but I would rather share this with strong, wise, inspiring women.


We are ENJO UK.


There is no commitment or hurry to sign anyone up. We at ENJO will chat with you, it is personal and we care, then we can show you some online information, you can explore and discover this magic for yourself.

It is all about you.


Please, come share your ideas, passion and potential ……………….."


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