It took a year for me to say ‘yes come and show me’.....!!!!

I was the biggest sceptic, I almost didn’t want to like it, it was too good to be true.

ENJO and me:

[ Editor: these are Jill's own words not ENJO's ]


I first heard about ENJO through an old school friend. She spoke about cleaning with cold water and saving money, this system was quick, easy, environmentally friendly and gave great results!!  To be honest I wasn’t interested. I hated cleaning but I did LOVE the smell of chemicals!


She contacted me several times speaking about this Austrian company she worked for and how  exciting it was…….she said I’d ‘love it’  I don’t know why but I still wasn’t interested.

"My name is Jill Florence and I am a Sales Leader. I have been running my own ENJO business for 5 years.


It took a year for me to say ‘yes come and show me’.....!!!!

I was the biggest sceptic, I almost didn’t want to like it, it was too good to be true, another fad, just a gimmick but when she showed me I couldn’t believe it!!

I wanted everything that day!! My ENJOpreneur gave me a brochure and said read it! I couldn’t put it down!! I didn’t sleep that night.

I called her in the morning and told her I needed to tell people about this product and I wanted to join the company…..


That was five years ago! At the time I had my own hairdressing business working 3 full days a week. I was a single mum (through no choice of my own) to Maxwell (8) and Jack (6). Life was busy and stressful as I was the full-time parent. I’d always been ‘looked after’ but I found myself sadly taking on a huge role on my own.


I had taken on the idea that ‘this was it’ and my life was never going to be exciting and glamorous again… wrong was I?

My ex was always the one who had the amazing job, travelling all over the world, meeting great people. Little did I know that soon….that was going to be ME!!!


I realised quite quickly that I was quite good at showing people ENJO and they really got it. I was getting recognition for doing well, something I’d NEVER had before and I felt appreciated for once in my life. It made me feel good. I felt part of something really quite special and I still can’t say what it is but it makes me feel safe, happy, excited, futuristic, glamorous, amazing, proud, clean and the way forward!!!

Nothing at all compares to ENJO and it’s ethics. It is unique, it is special and it is all about making people safe. It’s about our children and how we bring them up with morals and standards. I know that this is one of the major things my kids have learnt about, environmental issues, they realise about how important it is to look after their health and boy do they go on about it.  ENJO has changed all our lives!!!


I have travelled to many places with ENJO UK representing the team. My first trip was NZ and when I won 13th in the world it totally blew my mind!

It was after that that I decided to stop hairdressing and do this business full time. I was doing 3 demos a day sometimes before I made this decision so it made sense to even it all out. ENJO has worked out well for me. I set myself targets to keep my business running smoothly and I don’t rest until I’ve done it.


I plan what I want to do…Yes I procrastinate, yes I have lazy days but all in all I love my work, I love meeting people, I love helping people and I love the feeling of having happy customers who come back again and again. I’ve been called many names in the past, miss sparkle, the cleaning wifie, the cloot lady, an evangelist but I take it all as a great compliment!! I am SO SUPER PROUD of what I do and what I represent. I think in a few years if you don’t use ENJO people are going to think you are crazy! I believe we are doing the right thing and we are changing habits. Working with like minded people makes me happy, we are all passionate and real people. ENJO seems to attract people who care as well as people who see a great opening to start their own business. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss working when they want and having the flexibility to work around a family?


It’s a fact that you can do this with a bit of support and thought it can be done. I never used to think about goals and dreams but I do now! I know what I want and how to get it and I love sharing ideas with the girls on my team.  I feel I’ve grown as a person and I wish I’d done this years ago! It has opened up so many doors for me. I have a great social life, friends from all over the world and made me realise I’m not just a mummy anymore! I can be much more than that giving my kids a great start and sharing success stories with them. We work as a team all helping out. Also, I'm getting married in 6 weeks to a schoolfriend.... And it was ENJO that brought us together, he LOVES it!!!! Maybe this is the first ENJO WEDDING?!!!!



Thank you for allowing me to grow and spread my wings again…..I’m flying xx


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