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Generous Host Reward programme

When you Host a Demo you are entitled to participate in ENJO’s generous Host Reward programme where you can get 50% off the Floocleaning System,  30% off 3 individual products or 30% off and single zone pack. Ask your ENJOpreneur about our latest offers and terms and conditions.

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Share the ENJO advantages

Perhaps the biggest motivation for most hosts is the desire to share ENJO with their family and friends in knowledge that they will be helping them to create a safer, cleaner and environmentally friendly home – and also save them money… especially important in hard economic times.

That's the way ENJO Demos work

Holding a successful demo does not have to be a lot of work. ENJO is about saving time and money, so keep your demo planning simple so you can enjoy yourself and your guests. Your Consultant will help you every step of the way. The purpose of your demo is to make your friends/family and guests feel comfortable and have an enjoyable time.

Talk to your Consultant about what products YOU would like to see. It is your demo, you choose. Now the best part...DO NOT CLEAN! Leave an area for your Consultant to demonstrate the power of ENJO.


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