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We asked our ENJOpreneurs to send us pictures of their customers. Here are some impressions.

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Conscious cleaning for the whole family.

sent by Aurélie Chassaing (France)

Oh, what a feeling… Billie jumps for joy at the idea of cleaning with ENJO!

sent by Nadette Delalande (Australia)

Florian is happy with our kitchen fibres.

sent by Judith Hilbrand (Austria)

Greetings from a happy ENJO customer in France.

sent by Nathalie Piffard (France)

Wilma from Canada hopes there is more ENJO under the Christmas tree this year!

sent by Anne McBride (Canada)

ENJO is family fun!

Barbara and her son clean with ENJO because it's fun and safe for kids.

sent by Johanna Tiefenbacher (Austria)

Malene’s favourite is the Dust Glove. She can't live without it.

sent by Lisbet Loland Pedersen (Norway)

A chemical free Canadian school bus cleaned with ENJO.

Lynn is happy to be able to reach and clean the vertical blinds in her home using the ENJO Dust Flexi combi.

sent by Anne McBride (Canada)


Debb loves using her ENJO in her kitchen knowing that all the surfaces are an ENJO pore-deep clean!

Susanne with her favourite ENJO product, the Floorcleaner.

sent by Veronika Ledermüller (Austria)

Cherry loves to be chemical free with a young family.

sent by Morag Walker (UK)

The face says it all - she is delighted!

The best place for dogs - a happy ENJO home.

sent by Angela Brown (UK)

Kelsey, Harley & Paul in their healthy ENJO home.

sent by Lynne Oliver (UK)

Gabi with her favourite ENJO products.

sent by Karin Niederl (Austria)

Now that Rob cleans with ENJO, his cars look better than ever.

sent by Gael Sanders (New Zealand)

Sonja feels simply well with ENJO.

sent by Veronika Ledermüller (Austria)

The perfect choice - ENJO!

sent by Shelley Murray (UK)

You are never too young to start cleaning with ENJO.

sent by Renate Arnberger (Austria)

She did it - Jo-Anne's home is 100% chemical free.

sent by Carol Bruce (UK)

The ENJO Combiwiper and Floorcleaner are our favourites!

sent by Lisbet Loland Pedersen (Norway)

Happy ENJO Homes by Maria White (UK)

My customer Claudia is all about ENJO because "it's so easy to clean with".

sent by Veronika Ledermüller (Austria)

The biggest difference between men and women! Women have to check with her husband, men have to check if they can play with it.

On Fridays, it’s Eirik’s turn to clean– and thanks to ENJO the cleaning is done fast and simple.

sent by Inger Johanne Ulriksen (Norway)

Congratulations on your chemical free homes!

sent by Melanie Hourston (United Kingdom)

4 years old Amelia is proud to have her own ENJO Glove.

sent by Heike Traut (New Zealand)

Happy ENJO Homes of Lynne Oliver (United Kingdom)

Maria from Upper Austria is into ENJO.

sent by Petra Partinger (Austria)

This is a picture of Kerrie using the Dust Flexi to clean her prized painting of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

sent by Belinda Miller (Australia)

Happy ENJO Homes of Brigitte Lamb (United Kingdom)

Little Angus will ENJOy a chemical free life thanks to his parents cleaning with ENJO and only water.

sent by Peta Horne (Australia)

ENJO fits every (hair) colour!

sent by Amy Rutter (Canada)

A big smile for the ENJO Kids Glove.

Which style of yoga is best for you? Of course ENJO Yoga!

"If only you could have heard the purring of cat Lucy... It sounded a little like "I luuuuvvvvv ENJO"!"

sent by Joanne Cowan (Australia)

"Here is a happy Customer in her home with me using her Fabric Glove on her boots. Talk about getting the royal treatment!"

sent by Joanne Cowan (Australia)

Fun included! Customer of Marika Glanzer (Austria)

ENJO is good for the planet and for pets!

“This is my hosts niece, she was absolutely excited that she could help her Aunty clean the floor, and Aunty was excited that she could help too and just use water!”

sent by Sue Inch (Australia)

“My host’s daughter helped me with her oven clean demo. Little Abi was loving that she could be involved. A true example of how ENJO is safe for the kids to use.”

sent by Nicole Cogill (Australia)

We will publish more happy ENJO Homes soon!

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