Travel the World with ENJO - Copenhagen, Denmark

May 12 - May 15

Wonderful Copenhagen

It wasn’t the most promising start to our trip – having a tyre blow out on the M1 is never a great start to a journey – but being a fun-loving group of ENJO consultants we clearly made the most of the setback. I really hope that our waving cheered up a few of the evening commuters and truckies who passed us while waiting for the lovely AA man!
Safely installed in the Stanstead Hilton (after having to drive at a grueling 50mph on our spare tyre) we managed a quick night-cap before retiring ready for a very early morning start. Up at 4:30am, bright eyed and bushy tailed, we made our way to the airport and couldn’t resist the opportunity to tell a few people about ENJO while waiting in the check-in queue. The great thing about the early start was that we were in Denmark by 9am so had a full day ahead of us. For those who haven’t been to Denmark – it’s a fantastic place for a weekend visit. Everything runs so smoothly and efficiently – off the plane, onto a train, a quick walk and we were at our hotel. Time just to drop our cases off before setting off on 2 wheels…
Having never ridden a Danish bike, the braking took a bit of getting used to (pedalling backwards will make you stop very abruptly!) but we were soon off on a guided tour of Copenhagen with Simon & Linette providing the inside info on the city. From a cyclist’s point of view, it’s sheer heaven – not a single hill – so we spend a gorgeous hour taking in the sights. What had been intended as a breakfast stop morphed into lunch with a few glasses of wine, so after a splendid couple of hours eating and drinking in a picturesque square watching the world go by, we set off again (with a tiny bit of wobbling) on our bikes. Next up was a trip along the canal to see some of the fabulous architecture of the city. There was a little to much chat and laughter to hear the guide properly but Linette filled us in on the best bits.
Having regained our land legs and seen a few bits of history as we floated past (that mermaid!) it was time to mount our sturdy steeds again. We were lucky enough to witness the changing of the guards’ ceremony at the local palace – and (unlike Britain) in Copenhagen you can just wander right up to the lovely men in big hats. Not sure how impressed they were with Simon standing to attention with his bike... but I guess they’re used to the tourists having fun! I do wonder whether anyone has ever managed to make them laugh though.
Back to our hotel, a swift change of clothes and we were off out again to find our evening meal (gosh these trips are demanding!) Bikes are definitely the way forward for evening travel – but then again we were very lucky with the weather. Copenhagen is just great to mooch around – friendly people and a really nice vibe about the place. We had dinner in a superb Vietnamese restaurant – the perfect end to a long but fabulous day!
Day 2 saw us taking a train out to Solrod Strand where Linette’s family live. We spent the morning having a meeting by the sea (so much more inspiring than an office!) and continued to cover lots of useful ground while walking on a beautiful windswept beach. Somehow even when we do ‘work’ on our trips, it never feels like work… The afternoon was spent at Linette’s family home, having a traditional Danish meal of rye bread, herring, fantastic salads, meats and (ermm) a few shots of schnapps. ENJO trips are just a great opportunity to share – both knowledge and fun... and I like to think we’re pretty good at doing both bits!
Our third and final day started with a laid back breakfast and lazy start. There was nothing firm on the agenda so we enjoyed a walk around the shopping areas which offered everything from a LEGO shop (squeal of excitement!!) to beautifully stylish Danish design in the form of clothes and interiors. Incidentally, since I seem to have caught the LEGO bug from my kids, did you know that the word LEGO is derived from the Danish words ‘leg’ – play – and ‘godt’ – well?!
Retail therapy was followed by another glorious meal, again outdoors but with the comfort of snuggly blankets as we dined… bliss! The last few hours before departure were taken up in Tivoli gardens, Europe’s oldest amusement park. It’s a gorgeous area combining thrill-seeker rides with stunning flower gardens, food stalls and funfair attractions. Sadly the rain that had been promised for the weekend finally caught up with us, so after scoffing the largest ice creams EVER, we retired to a café to sit out the rain. Simon couldn’t resist the opportunity to re-cap over what we’d covered in the previous day’s meeting, but actually it was a great chance to check that we’d remembered some pretty useful stuff.
We left on an evening flight, so really managed to make the most of our 3 day trip. Again it made for a long day… but all the more time to make the most of being together and chatting! It sometimes seems a shame that we are all so geographically remote from each other, but these wonderful trips really do provide us all with an opportunity to share tips and successes while having bucket loads of fun along the way. Simon must get the final thumbs up for driving us all safely (at 50 mph) to our onward destinations – a pretty tall order after such a full-on weekend!

By Catherine Adey-Davies


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