First a dream,

now a reality around the world.

Founded in 2003, ENJO UK is a family owned and managed business.


At ENJO UK we want to improve the quality of life for our Customers, Host, ENJOpreneurs and Leaders. We believe that ENJO is the future of cleaning and that ENJO will protect our health and the environment for future generations. We support 100% honesty as a business philosophy. Living life simply is a way of life for this ENJO team.

We also believe that when someone starts an ENJO business they will experience more rewards than just the financial ones. They will make a difference. We believe everyone has the right to succeed.

ENJO has a very straight-forward business philosophy: Our ENJOpreneurs and Leaders are the most important customers we have. Helping ENJOpreneurs and Leaders succeed in their own business is what we do! We promise you the opportunity to create your own business success, in an environment where you will always be able to realise your personal dreams.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to change the way people clean and minimise the use of chemical cleaning products in UK homes and businesses. In so doing we will help to combat environmental pollution and improve quality of life. By placing people at the heart of our business, and offering excellent training and support, we will attract the best talent in the marketplace. This will enable us to provide exceptional customer service to compliment our innovative product range.

Our core principals

  • Our people and our products are our business, so we will always support them both.
  • We believe in the inherent honesty and integrity of our ENJOpreneurs and our customers.
  • We believe everyone has the right to succeed, and to celebrate their achievements.
  • We actively encourage a healthy work/life balance, and we like to have fun together.
  • We put friends and family first and invest in our local communities.
  • Above all, we value our planet, our health and our time.

Made in Austria

We produce our textiles exclusively in Vorarlberg and we source our raw materials from our region as much as possible. Experienced staff, the finest raw materials and modern machinery are the foundation of our innovative and award winning products. Every article that is produced is checked for quality control by hand, ensuring the highest quality products for you, our customer.

ENJO UK | Unit 6, Linfit Court, Colliers Way, Clayton West, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD8 9WL | Tel: 0845 491 8718 | Fax: 0845 491 8719 |