ENJO UK donate £7,000 of products to help Cumbrian Clean Up


We've all seen the devastating impact of the December 2015 flooding after Storm Desmond which has affected Cumbrians again so soon after the 2009 floods. Two of our ENJOpreneurs; Clare Emerson and Suzanne Lane, who live in Cumbria, are doing their bit to help with the clean up.


Clare Emerson said in a phone call to ENJO UK co-founder Linette Isaacs "After the last floods in 2009 many families used ENJO to clean their homes and managed to avoid the cost of professional cleaning. We're trying to help as many people as possible clean up their homes as soon as we can."


Using ENJO to clean up can have a massive impact: many families simply cannot afford the huge costs of insurance which can be as much as £3,000 a year and so aren’t in a position to afford to hire professional cleaners or many other essential items needed to restore their homes.


Inspired to help out affected families in Cumbria, Linette has put together a £7,000 Head Office clean up pack which includes 250 Plusline cloths and 80 Garage Gloves.


In addition, ENJO UK have sent 2 large boxes of ENJO fibres that were due to be recycled. These pre-loved fibres will be a massive help in the clean up mission as they can be used as a first step to tackle the really serious and potentially toxic waste that will have built up on surfaces as the water has subsided.

If you would like to help, please send any used fibres you have to Head Office with a note explaining what they’re for, or contact your ENJOpreneur to arrange to send them back and we’ll make sure they get to the people that need them in Cumbria.





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