First a dream,

now a reality around the world.

ENJO was founded in Austria in 1990. It began with one unique fibre and through advanced research and development. ENJO has created an innovative cleaning system using only water. ENJO is cleaning without chemicals.

The ENJO way has spread quickly as people search for a better, more effective and efficient way to clean, while enjoying the benefits of a chemical free system. ENJO is now being sold in more than 26 countries via direct sales with thousands of Independent ENJOpreneurs worldwide.

Our Mission Statement

ENJO is based on a fair, value oriented partnership with all (ENJOpreneurs, Co-workers, Customers, Distributors and Providers).

ENJO offers ingenious, environmentally friendly products that facilitate life, promote health and wellbeing and save time and money. 

ENJO takes on responsibility and contributes actively to a better environment with the creation of chemical free zones meaning that our next generations will have the chance to enjoy nature as we do. 

ENJO stands for professional, personal services and consultations, our success is characterised by overwhelmed Customers. 

Job prospects
ENJO offers interesting and versatile job prospects with individual career opportunities. 

ENJO is a flexible and family friendly company that aims on increasing the economic success and the quality in all areas.

Made in Austria

We produce our textiles exclusively in Vorarlberg and we source our raw materials from our region as much as possible. Experienced staff, the finest raw materials and modern machinery are the foundation of our innovative and award winning products. Every article that is produced is checked for quality control by hand, ensuring the highest quality products for you, our customer.

ENJO UK | Burgundy House, 24 The Forresters, Harpenden, Hertfordshire | AL5 2FB | Tel: 01582 278840 |