Create a safer, happier and healthier home with the combined natural cleaning power of ENJO fibre technology and water.

Why choose ENJO?


Not only does an ENJO Fibre last up to 3 years, you can say goodbye to toxic, sticky, slow and smelly chemical cleaners for good.


Say hello to patented, award-winning Austrian innovation and water. Simple, pure, quick and fresh.


No-one should have to put up with chemical sprays and wipes that will affect your health. Not only will ENJO benefit your health, it will save you time, money, better the environment and it is proven to  clean six times better than your traditional cleaning methods.


We are so proud to share this video from the team in Austria. A new hygiene study gives proof that ENJO products clean 6x better than traditional cleaning methods. So if you've ever questioned how you can clean your surfaces with ENJO Fibres and water alone, watch the video below.

Perhaps you are also looking for a business you can ENJOy?

Why choose ENJO


As an ENJOpreneur®, (ENJO Business Owner), you’ll take your first step in an exciting journey to build a flexible business around your lifestyle while helping others to save time, save money and enjoy a safe, happy and healthy home. Take control of your future and find out more now.

ENJO, a business you can ENJOY


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