How to take care of your ENJO products 


Please follow these simple steps for optimum cleaning with ENJO products:

  • Before first use, wash all ENJO fibres (except the Lint Glove and fibres for dusting and polishing).
  • Never use fabric softener or bleach when washing ENJO fibres.
  • Do not tumble dry ENJO fibres: the heat may cause the tips of the fibre strands to stick together, making them ineffective.
  • When fibres are dirty or contain greasy deposits, they can be washed in the machine at 40–60°C. ENJO fibres should be hung up to dry after washing.
  • ENJO Floor Fibres should be rinsed after each use and hung up to dry. Do not allow to dry while dirty, e.g. on the Floorcleaner Plate.
  • Roll up the wet fibre from top to bottom and press gently.
  • Do not wring out lengthways!
  • When cleaning with ENJO fibres use a circular wiping motion without pressing hard.
  • We recommend folding cloths such as the ENJOfil 2 to 3 times across the middle. This results in 8 to 16 areas of cloth surface that you can use for wet or dry cleaning.
  • ENJO gloves are especially useful for cleaning large surface areas and will also protect your hands from injury due to sharp edges!
  • Do not use fibres on a hot surface (hot cooking plates, ceramic hobs or grill units). Let these surfaces cool first or rinse them with cold water.
  • There is a risk of scratching on delicate materials. You should therefore check the effect of cleaning with an ENJO fibre on a hidden area as a first step.
  • Contact with sharp or rough surfaces may well result in tears to some delicate ENJO fibres, creating small holes.´This does not affect the function of the products.


If you have questions, your ENJOpreneur will be happy to help. 

1. Wet the top of the fibre.

2. Roll water through evenly.

3. Squeeze out any excess water. 

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