Product FAQs

Is it actually clean without the use of chemicals?
Yes! ENJO fibres clean mechanically rather than chemically. ENJO fibres are microscopic and penetrate into the smallest pores and thinnest cracks and remove dirt and bacteria. The surface is up to 100% bacteria free. ENJO fibres are scientifically proven to clean up to 6 times better than chemical cleaners.

What is the average life span of ENJO cloths and gloves?
Provided that ENJO fibres are treated properly, they last for 2 – 3 years, even in the case of tough use, such as the daily washing-up in large households.

ENJO fibres work only with water. How is it possible to save water that way?
Any chemical cleaners are diluted with water. They also need water for rinsing off. As ENJO fibres work mechanically and as it is not necessary to rinse, you will save up to 90 % of valuable water.

What about bacteria?
Cleaning with ENJO fibres can physically remove bacteria. Also, through drying with our ENJOfil we create an environment where bacteria cannot survive. Chemical residues in traditional cleaning methods activate bacteria growth. ENJO leaves the surface clean.

Where are the ENJO products manufactured?
The ENJO head office is in Austria - in the heart of Europe - and is the same place as the manufacturing company of all ENJO products.

How are ENJO products made?
As environmentally friendly as they work in the household: without animal experiments in the research, without child labour in the production and without unnecessary waste packaging for the shipping.

What are ENJO products made out of?
ENJO processes fibres of lyocell, cotton, viscose, polyester, acrylic and polyamide for its cloths and gloves with multifunctional qualities. All products are recyclable.

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