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When I first arrived here in New Zealand 6 years ago, I was rather perplexed to read reports that this beautiful country, with its pure, clean, fresh and green image had one of the highest cancer rates in the world, including bowel cancer.

I was discomfited by the kiwi habit of not rinsing dishes after washing with detergent solution (if it can cut through grease in an instant, what is it doing to my delicate stomach lining?!) and suffered from nose bleeds (something previously alien to me) after cleaning the windows and bathrooms. I did notice that the wind often blew chemical spray back to my face when cleaning outside windows, and hated the acrid smell of toilet bleach and shower cleaners, trying hard to hold my breath whenever I used them. I was alarmed when some shower cleaner I accidently sprayed on the fabric floor mat instantly bleached it (yes, it needed to be potently strong to tackle mould and mildew, what happens when I inhale it?)

So when I first watched an ENJO product demo, I was excited at the sight of seemingly effortless cleaning using only a special fibre and water, and was eager to get my hands on the Supreme Pack. What a miraculous difference it has made to my life!

On cleaning days, I no longer march into the bathroom, fully gloved and armed with a pail full of different chemicals, cloths and scrubs/brushes for glass, tiles, counter tops and the toilet bowl. Now, I can breathe normally as I clean with just the Bathroom Glove and ENJOfil, the Bathroom Maid and a spray bottle of water. Remarkable!

Cleaning the kitchen used to be a real chore, especially when it came to the ventilation hood and splashback. It needed copious amounts of hot soapy water to rigorously rinse the cleaning cloths with, as well as generous sprays of chemical cleaners to get rid of the grease. Still, I was often not satisfied with the results and resorted to putting up a ‘wall’ around the frypan or wok using standing cardboards whenever I cooked anything that spit or splattered. However, success was limited to the height of the cardboard. Invariably, the top half of the splashback was still coated in grease.

The Kitchen Glove and Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth have made a revolutionary change in this once tedious task. Just a quick wipe after cooking each meal has resulted in a squeaky clean ventilation hood, splashback and counter tops. And yes, I have thrown out the grease splattered cardboards. Wonderful!

Cleaning the windows used to be a time consuming task, not helped by my short stature and high windows as well as the groundcover rose bushes just outside the windows. To get to the lower windows, I previously had to wade through the thorny rosebush while to reach the upper panes, I had to balance precariously up the ladder, perched on uneven ground. After cleaning each set of windows, I had to retreat to the laundry room to rinse out the dirt from the cleaning cloths. If this was not done thoroughly enough, I could still see dirty streaks once the glass dried. All these factors meant that window cleaning was a time consuming and cumbersome chore.

The Combiwiper, with its Telescopic Pole, has certainly made this job a lot easier, as I can reach both the top and bottom window panes from the outside the rosebush. No more nightmares of falling off the ladder and falling on top of the rosebush…yay! Also, there is no need to repeatedly rinse the Plus Line fibre, meaning I can now clean all the outside windows in half the time it previously took. Marvellous!

My cleaning duties as a full time housewife are now almost effortless, even enjoyable and more satisfying. I can breathe easy, knowing I am creating a healthier home environment, while saving not only time but also money otherwise spent on power, extra water and chemicals. Thank you ENJO!

Irene Chia


I have been so impressed with ENJO and whoever designed these deserves a medal.

I am a Registered Nurse and a Naturopathic student. I developed allsorts of allergies and intolerances due to stress induced and heavy metal toxicity. This led me to find natural alternatives to cleaning as part of my detoxification. Unfortunately most of the cleaners I tried ( even vinegar and soda) never did the job as well as the 'bad chemicals' ..that was until I purchased the ENJO! It cleaned scum off the shower and my kitchen never looked cleaner..and the best bit..no chemicals!

I moved house and the house was clean apart from the usual organic matter in the kitchen and bathrooms. The sinks had brown scale and so did all the taps even though it was only 3 years old ( the bathroom). ENJO after a period has removed this and everything is so sparkly.

As a natural health professional I recommend to everyone to reduce exposure to chemicals and toxins. I recommend ENJO to all my clients.
Thanks ENJO

Donna Barraclough


I have been using ENJO for over 3years. It has certainly changed the way I clean my house, also the way I feel about cleaning and saving the environment and my family from harsh cleaning products.

I did not realize how I was exposing my small children to all these chemicals on a daily basis – Jiff in the bath, bleach, toilet cleaner, spray & wipe on the bench where I prepared their food.

It feels great to be able to walk down the cleaning isle at the supermarket and not buy anything. What a saving! It feels even better to clean with only water and fibres and know for a FACT that this is a better & more hygienic way of cleaning.

I could go on forever about what a fantastic product this is, but you really need to try it for yourselves. It takes a little while to get your head around this way of cleaning, but what have you got to lose? Only a home full of chemicals!

It really does work!

Kirsten Matthews
Te Awamutu
(Satisfied ENJO user)


It's a Sunday, 7.20am, my ten month old sitting in his highchair eating breakfast and my 4 year old niece in the lounge watching "highly educational" programmes on t.v and I have just managed to ENJO my whole kitchen, starting at one end moving through (even the oven!!!!) to the other end without stopping once!!! All this done in the time it took my son to eat one piece of toast. Such an easy to use product no chemical residue and I have never been so keen to clean!!!

Noticed a couple of areas I want to Marble Paste - so come on kids time for a nap yet? Well actually it will probably only take a minute anyway - kids keep going!!! I can do it while you are under my feet and not worry you are getting any harmful chemicals splattered on you.

Hey what can I say - converted to a healthier, easier way of cleaning!!!!

Vikki Tuckey

Vikki Tuckey

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