ENJO products are 100% chemical-free.

We are 100% recyclable, 100% environmentally-friendly, and we use 50% less water than traditional cleaning methods, making us 100% planet-friendly too! We clean faster, more effectively and have a lifespan of 2-3* years, meaning not only are we saving you time, but we’re also saving you money!

Traditionally, we have always believed that chemicals = clean, however, this is simply not the case. Did you know that our air indoors can be from 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside? This is because up to 1500 hazardous substances can be found in the average home… the majority of which come from our daily household cleaners! With ENJO, you can rest assured these nasty chemicals currently polluting our homes, will be gone! 


Our ENJO fibres work on a simple basis. You just add water! Simple? We know! The water acts as the solvent, so you need nothing but our fibres and a little elbow grease. The superfine fibres replace traditional detergents and sprays, by breaking down and capturing dirt, dust and grease and even trapped chemical residue.

Read about the ENJO Philosophy

ENJO began in Austria in 1990 and is the brainchild of Johannes Engl, who together with his father, wanted to minimise the daily use of harmful chemicals, make a positive contribution to reducing land and water pollution and produce better cleaning results with less effort. Today, ENJO is an internationally recognised brand distributed in over 20 countries. 

Cleaning with ENJO means cleaning with a clear conscience – the products have advantages for both people and nature.

ENJO New Zealand directors, Ines Brandle and Nick Porter, were introduced to the product by Johannes Engl during a visit to New Zealand. After bringing samples to New Zealand, they carried out product testing and market research to gauge people’s response to a cleaning system that relies on water only. 

ENJO is perfect for sufferers of asthma, allergies and chemical intolerance related illnesses.

ENJO New Zealand Directors

Nick and Ines realised that when just one household changes over to ENJO cleaning, a huge impact is made on the lives of each person in that home. ENJO protects them from harmful chemicals, keeping their home safer, and creating a better lifestyle.

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