Seeing is Believing

We believe you need to see ENJO products work in your own home, on your own surfaces and in home presentations are the best way to buy ENJO products. This can either be a one-on-one presentation or as a Group Demo, where Hosts are able to earn ENJO Demo Rewards. While the ENJO products are simple to use, the Host and guests gain the greatest benefit by seeing the ENJO better way to clean in action.


Generous Demo Reward programme

ENJO New Zealand offers generous Host Rewards for hosting a demo.

There is a fantastic selection of ENJO Demo Rewards available to the Host, they can spend ENJO Dollars from what they earn at their Demo on any ENJO products they like or earn any of our FREE ENJO Demo Rewards which are all valued at over $100. For each future demo booked by you or one of your guests you can take advantage of our Host Booking Bonus. Host Rewards are your reward for working with your Consultant to plan and hold a successful demo. Our goal is to give you and your guests a fun and informative event.

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Share the ENJO advantages

Perhaps the biggest motivation for most Hosts is the desire to share ENJO with their family and friends in the knowledge that they will be helping them to create a safer, cleaner and environmentally friendly home – and also save them money… especially important in difficult economic times.


Time and Support

Your Consultant will help and support you in the preparation for your Demo. You invite 4 to 8 people from your circle of friends, family or colleagues and having a Demo is simple - a cup of coffee and some biscuits with interested guests! It is more important that several spots in your household are left uncleaned in order to be able to actually show the effect and efficiency of ENJO products.

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