Polishing Glove

Art.-No. 40200

Area of use

Throughout the home, wherever hard objects (e.g. metal, wood, etc.) require polishing. Silver cutlery, trophies, handrails, door knobs, handles, jewellery, patent leather and leather shoes, car paintwork, musical instruments, antique furniture, varnished and high gloss furniture, water marks on suede, shoes, leather horse saddles, leather furniture, motorbikes, etc.


When polishing cars always choose a shaded area and never polish in bright sunlight. Intense sunlight causes streaks in the car paint that are hard to remove. Always try on an inconspicuous spot first when polishing antique furniture or jewellery.



ENJO hints

After applying and drying off waxes and polishes the Polishing Glove evenly distributes a protective layer over the surface and traps excess wax and polish. The Polishing Glove removes “water marks” on suede.

Use both sides: One side to apply wax product. The other side to polish.

The fine fibre distributes the Leather & Wood Balm evenly and economically on the surface.

use dry

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