Dust Glove

Art.-No. 40302

Area of use

In the whole household, wherever dusting is needed. Ideal for the TV, computer screen, CD player, stereo (make sure you switch off any electronic devices), pictures, any wall and ceiling coverings (e.g. wood, wallpaper, paint), furniture, leafy plants, car interior, etc.


If the Dust Glove is used on very oily surfaces or surfaces treated with synthetic polishes the fibre could become clogged and would become less effective. If this should be the case wash the fibre in the washing machine.



Charge the Dust Glove first by rubbing each side with your free hand for a few seconds to create a static charge.

ENJO hints

Unlike wet fibres the Dust Glove does not require washing after each use. After dusting take the fibre outside and give a good shake, vacuum or brush with a coarse brush. Only when you feel that the fibre looks dirty, wash it in the washing machine. This ensures the efficiency of the fibre is maintained for several years.

We recommend washing the Dust Glove at 40°C or less.

Use dry

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